At 2015 PPAI NALC, ‘Technology cannot be Ignored’

"The advancement and rapid change of technology cannot be ignored in our industry.”

A top organizer of the PPAI North American Leadership Conference says it’s no coincidence the NALC is overlapping with the PPAI Technology Summit for the first time in 2015.

2015 NALC Workgroup Co-Leader Mitch Mounger named technology among the areas most in need of leadership right now in the promotional products industry.

"The advancement and rapid change of technology cannot be ignored in our industry. Organizations must be prepared and willing to adapt to change at the leadership level,” Mr. Mounger, the CEO of distributor Sunrise Identity, said in an email interview with technology solutions provider Essent.

Essent, a technology leader, is the Platinum Sponsor for both the NALC and the Tech Summit. The events are being held this summer in Nashville, Tennessee. The NALC is August 9-11 and the Tech Summit is August 11-12.

Where technology and leadership mix

"Technology is the extension of strong leadership."

PPAI says technology will play a significant role in the 2015 NALC. The NALC will have an overall theme of change, particularly "how technology is changing the way we do business.”

The agenda includes sessions on innovation and technology, disruptive innovaion, and technology cycles.

Essent Director of Development Adam Taylor, a 2015 PPB Rising Star, agreed with the need for leadership and technology to mix.

"Technology is the extension of strong leadership. When leaders establish successful practices, technology has the power to make those practices automated throughout the entire organization,” Mr. Taylor said. "The best leaders not only use technology to implement best practices but also take the time to share and to educate their colleagues about them.”

NALC, Tech Summit drawing big crowds

NALC registration is expected to surpass goals. Tech Summit registration has already set a record.

Registration for the NALC is expected to surpass organizers’ goals, Mr. Mounger said. The Tech Summit already smashed its previous registration record and is sold out.

"We hope to have people attend both events,” Mr. Mounger said, noting the intersection of leadership and technology.

The PPAI NALC delves into the most relevant, top-of-mind business issues and ideas impacting the promotional products industry with an emphasis on networking events, emerging business issues, trends and best practices.

The PPAI Technology Summit brings technology leaders from the promotional products industry together to tackle challenges facing the industry.

Get the insider view

Read the full interview with Mr. Mounger, including thoughts on how the promotional products industry can learn from Nashville’s storied music background.

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