Business Publication Touts Essent Innovation, Longevity, as Technology Solutions Provider Celebrates 35 Years

The business community is touting Essent's longevity as a technology solutions provider.

Essent, celebrating its 35th year, is featured in the September 14, 2015, edition of Lehigh Valley Business, a leading business publication that reaches tens of thousands of business professionals every week.

"Essent has survived decades by paying attention to trends, tackling challenges, honoring employees and remaining optimistically flexible, regardless of the market," the newspaper reported. "Customization, flexibility and building solutions by listening to what customers really need continues to differentiate Essent."

Promotional products industry weighs in

The promotional products community weighed in as well.

"Essent's knowledge of the industry and technology really sets them apart," said Eric Shonebarger, CIO of Hit Promotional Products, adding that Essent solutions have helped Hit to speedier transactions and a decreased cost of doing business.

"Essent provides our customers with programs to send their orders to Hub Pen quicker and cheaper, and with 99 to 100 percent order fulfillment accuracy,” Hub Pen Company President Joseph Fleming said, adding that 40-to-60 percent order accuracy is more typical.

Constantly evolving, Essent longevity 'impressive'

The president of the Lehigh Valley's chief job-creation group was impressed.

"Based on the nature of rapid growth in technology, a company in this field survives based on its ability to constantly evolve," said Don Cunningham, President of the Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corporation. "For a business to enjoy the kind of longevity that Essent Corporation has achieved is very impressive."

Founded in 1981 as a regional technology solutions provider, Essent cloud-based business solutions currently serve thousands of customers in every corner of the United States and internationally, processing more than $3 billion in commerce annually.

Lehigh Valley Business has the full story.

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