OrderTrax and TAG Tools Acqusition and Migration Sucessfully Completed

The acquisition and migration of OrderTrax® and TAG Tools was successfully completed on April 18, 2011.

Over the last four months Essent has been evaluating the platform, testing it, and developing a plan to migrate it to the Essent Commerce Cloud with minimal impact to all. The migration plan was finalized in March 2011. The cutover began on April 4, 2011 with the OrderTrax Network and ended on April 18, 2011 with the migration of the OrderTrax Portal.

Leading up to and during that time, Essent begin regular communications to thousands of subscribers, outlining the steps Essent would be performing, the impact, and the actions needed to be taken before and after the changeover. Throughout the process, the entire downtime was 2 hours, with zero downtime for the OrderTrax Network.

There are two major elements to the acquisition: the trading network with its associated software and the web portal with its order management functionality. Each includes a number of software components, like TAG Tools, that work together to form a whole. All of these components have been organized as part of the OrderTrax® brand, for simplicity, organized under the OrderTrax® Network and the OrderTrax® Portal.

The Essent portfolio of industry-specific business management products and services complement OrderTrax and the ePSA Trading Network. Essent Research and Development is infusing OrderTrax with Essent technology and best practices to enhance the speed, accuracy, and security of business transactions between distributors and suppliers.

Essent proud and excited to offer the largest Industry Trading Network + Web Portal for the Promotional Products Industry.

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