SEO Tools Added for Promotional Products Software

Essent ecommerce websites create the bones for your SEO success with URL naming, HTML coding and other techniques to make pages stand out for Search Engine Optimization.

Blogs, comments and video help put flesh on those bones. New Essent functionality for 2015 makes all three even more powerful.

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A game of tag to boost SEO

SiteBuilder Pro now remembers what tags you used on previous posts and autocompletes them for you on future posts. So the process you use to mark your posts remains consistent.

This is important because search engines read tags; if you label one blog "mugs" and another "drinkware," for example, search engines might get a mixed message that could hurt your SEO.

Not to mention that consistent tags will also make it easier for humans to navigate your site.

Lights, camera, search engine

Essent continues to improve on its baked-in SEO and recently boosted the ability to leverage video for Search Engine Optimization.

It’s tough for search engines to read the content of a video on a web page, compared to words. So Google adopted a standard called video markup. video markup attaches the name of the video, a description and URLs to the video itself, so that search engines can read it more easily.

That schema video markup is then added to web pages as HTML. But don’t worry, you don’t have to be a programmer to include that information.

SiteBuilder Pro now automatically adds the schema video markup to web pages, providing another automated boost to your SEO.

One place to manage comments

Also new is a moderation dashboard for blog comments.

Rather than drill into individual posts to moderate comments, now you can moderate them all from one centralized location and maintain the respectful, informative comments forum that generates trust and respect for your website.

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