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Customer Relationship Management is more than contacts, addresses, and phone numbers.

CRM is the starting point for your next great sale.

Get the jump on future sales with fully integrated, comprehensive CRM. See detailed customer history and use Opportunities to set the sales future. Automatically handle the details with pre-defined customer rules. And pull data from throughout the system so your whole team can keep closing in sight.

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Get The Jump On Future Sales

Detailed customer history and Opportunities tools map your sales future.

Did you make a big sale about this time last year? Does your favorite customer always like to buy at a certain time? Did a prospect ask you to get back in touch in a few months? With detailed customer history – including sales, contact, activity, and accounting history – you’ll know when the customer is most ready to buy. Use the built-in Opportunities tools to forecast the sale and set the course for closing it.

Focus on Sales. The System Handles The Details.
No more manually adjusting every order on the fly. Your rules are automatically applied so the staff can focus on what they do best: selling.

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The system automatically applies the rules you set for customer-specific pricing, volume-based pricing, profitability, and more.

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Set billing terms, when to invoice, overrun rules, underrun rules, and more on a customer-by-customer basis.

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The shipping address, method, charges, and timing can be set for each customer and automatically applied.

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Allow access to PunchOut integration, define how sales are approved, and provide permission to reports.

Reveal the Deepest Customer Insights
Use comprehensive customer data from all corners of a fully-integrated system to drive transactions forward and close sales.

Detailed Customer History

  • Activity History
  • Contact History
  • Accounting History
  • YTD Orders
  • YTD Revenue

Know Where The Customer Stands

  • Recent Customers
  • Top Customers
  • Most Active
  • Prospects
  • On Hold/Inactive

Customer Classifications

  • Branch
  • Territory
  • Customer Class
  • Market
  • User-defined

Addresses & Contacts

  • First & Third Party
  • Marketing Lists
  • Bill To
  • Ship To
  • Tax Jurisdictions

Deep insights help close sales before they even open.

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