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Essent® InSite™

The Problem

Faced with a constantly-evolving network environment, telecommunications professionals must strive to both maintain and improve network performance.

The Mission

In order to maintain quality while minimizing the total cost of ownership, organizations must continuously labor to protect their entire network infrastructure in light of the following challenges:

Problem Resolution

  • Identifying Potential Network Performance Problems
  • Finding Existing Problems
  • Accurately Identifying the Root Cause of the Problems
  • Verifying the Elimination of the Problems

Maintaining Network Quality

  • Establishing Standards
  • Grading Network Performance
  • Maintaining Optimal Network Performance
  • Ensuring Quality of Service (QoS)

Monitoring Network Capacity

  • Avoiding Degradation of Service
  • Anticipating Future Requirements
  • Aiding in Budgeting
  • Preventing Unnecessary Capital Expenditures

The Requirement

Of course, the ultimate challenge comes in trying to demystify these processes — ensuring network quality, and then taking the data and transforming it into readily available knowledge. Hence, telecom carriers need a way to easily and reliably collect, organize, and analyze information coming from the switch and other devices relevant to the performance of the entire network infrastructure. They also require a way to communicate this information quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively within the organization.

These challenges are made all the more daunting by the fact that the network performance products currently available are not designed to address these requirements. Hence, application rewrites, unnecessary redundancy of effort, significant decreases in productivity, increases in the risk to data security, and a concomitant and often irretrievable loss of data are the result.

Clearly, the requirement is a single solution: a fast, cost-effective, easy-to-learn, easy-to-use, and easy-to-maintain Information Management System that can handle the minutiae of a telecom carrier’s day-to-day network operations. Such a solution would allow those who are responsible for the growth of the organization to focus and what is truly important — customer satisfaction and profitability.

The Solution

The solution is a comprehensive Network Performance Reporting System. That solution is Essent® InSite™.

Essent InSite is a comprehensive suite of information management software tools designed by Essent to aid the following telecom professionals in making informed decisions about critical networking issues:

  • Executives
  • Administrators
  • Managers
  • RF Engineers
  • Switch Technicians
  • Field Operations
  • Customer Service Representatives
As a comprehensive solution, Essent InSite incorporates all aspects of a production network:
  • Troubleshooting
  • Performance Management
  • Quality-of-Service (QoS)
  • Capacity Planning
  • Process Management

The Essent InSite Network Performance Management System is an open information management platform for the Microsoft® Windows® family of operating systems. The extensible system contains all of the tools necessary for determining and tracking a cellular telecommunication network’s performance.

Using an industry-standard platform based on Windows-compatible hardware and Microsoft SQL Server® Client / Server database software, Essent InSite is scalable, extensible, reliable, and cost-effective. Telecom carriers can start with a full-featured, pre-configured system, then extend the system to collect data from specialized devices and customize reports to fit their needs as their system evolves and grows.

Most importantly, Essent offers all of the systems integration, training, and support services necessary to quickly implement and maintain a successful turn-key solution.



Customer Quotes

"Essent provided detailed project plans, managed to the delivery dates, and ensured that the final product was exactly what we were looking for. This was done through exceptional communication and having a great handle on change managment. The team was very detailed yet nimble, and the result was a tool that met all of our needs."

Jim Smith
Director of Network IT
Cingular Wireless