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Updated Terms of Use Address GDPR, Add Transparency
The new Terms of Use reflect our proactive approach to the General Data Protection Regulation, which increases protections of personal data.
Even a Pen Can Be Complicated in Custom Product Sales. Here's 1 Way to Simplify
The promotional products industry offers hundreds of thousands of items, each with an almost limitless number of potential customizations.
Payment Card Tokenization: Reducing Risk and Responsibility of PCI Compliance
With Tokenization, even if a credit card thief wanted to get into your system, and did get into your system, there would be nothing to take but the worthless tokens.
The "Amazon-like Experience" Starts With Integration
It won’t get mentioned nearly as often as the “the Amazon-like experience.” But it’s even more critical. It’s integration. Without integration, there is no Amazon-like experience.
ePromos® Directs Suppliers to Work with Essent® for PromoStandards™ Integration
ePromos is asking its suppliers to contact Essent to get started on PromoStandards integration.
2018 PPAI Expo Illustrates An Industry Quickly Embracing Integration
The PPAI Expo illustrated the growing support for trading partner integration as the time- and money-saving technology spreads further across the industry. PromoStandards events were more abundant and better attended at the 2018 PPAI Expo than in any year prior.
PPAI Technology Committee Adds Essent Development Leader Adam Taylor
The leader of the Essent development team joins the PPAI Technology Committee for a term that runs into 2021.
Essent Completes 1-Day Integration for Supplier Quake City Caps
Essent and Quake City kicked off the Inventory Availability integration project on a Thursday, and on that Friday the integration was already live with Quake City sharing inventory information with its distributor partner.
2018 PPAI Expo: PromoStandards Events Tell the Story of Integration
PromoStandards will host a series of events at the 2018 PPAI Expo including testimonials about how trading partner integration is making a more efficient supply chain right now.
4 Advantages of Integrated Accounting
A business management system with integrated accounting makes accounting as easy as processing orders.
Gold Bond Adds Service to Provide Instant Order Status and Ship Status via OrderTrax Integration
Essent® implemented the integration for Gold Bond via the Essent OrderTrax® Network using PromoStandards. Distributors integrated with Gold Bond now can look up complete, accurate, real-time Gold Bond Order Status and Advance Ship Notices at any time.
Ecommerce Scalability is Critical for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the Holidays
The ability to scale webserver capacity is hugely critical for peak ecommerce events like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and other potential website surges between Thanksgiving and the New Year.
Essent Announces Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Certification for Essent Software Products
Essent has completed compatibility and certification testing for Microsoft SQL Server 2016 and certifies the use of the database platform for Essent software products.
SQL Server 2012 Support Ends July 11, 2017
Attention Essent Software Product Customers – Mainstream support for all editions of Microsoft SQL Server 2012 releases ends July 11, 2017.
Promotional Products Ecommerce is Different. Here’s Why.
It’s critical for promotional products companies to have an ecommerce platform that understands the industry, because promotional products ecommerce is just different than regular ecommerce.
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