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Experienced in Industrywide Solutions, Essent Joins PSDA, Technology Committee
Essent, a leading technology solutions provider experienced in working with industrywide organizations for automation and efficiency, has joined the and has accepted an invitation to join PSDA’s Technology Committee.
Print Industry's PSDA Explores Integration Opportunities
With PromoStandards founding member Essent joining Print Services and Distribution Association with a demonstrated ability to create industry-wide solutions, PSDA examines the opportunity in its PostScript Magazine.
15 Costly Consequences of 'Low-Cost' Ecommerce Websites
The reality is there is much more to a successful ecommerce company than just a pretty face.
The True Cost of ‘Inexpensive’ Ecommerce
Some websites look nice, receive orders, and hit softly on the budget. But the lack of integration makes everything after that costly.
Microsoft to Retire Internet Explorer on June 15, 2022; Essent Support Ending
Microsoft is ending its support for IE11 on June 15, 2022.
Google Chrome to Eliminate Third-Party Cookies, Impacting Marketers and Website Designers
Google FLoC: With Days Numbered for 3rd-Party Cookies, Marketers Wonder What’s Next
Google plans to ban third-party cookies in its Chrome browser – and replace it with a different way of identifying users for targeted advertising.
Enterprise Procurement: Purchasing Automation and Integration for Buyers and Sellers Alike
When it comes to purchasing and procurement, distributors face an increasingly complex set of expectations from their customers. At the same time, distributors face their own procurement needs internally.
Essent SiteBuilder Adds Social Media Optimization with Graph Objects Support
Barker Specialty, an Essent Client, Marks 70 Years in Business
The award-winning promotional products distributor is a 12-year client of Essent.
California Bans ‘Dark Patterns,’ a Trick for Selling Your Data
The state that’s at the forefront of consumer privacy protections in the U.S. has added a new protection, banning the use of so-called “dark patterns” that are used to trick or frustrate people into agreeing to the sale of their data online.
Charles River Apparel Providing Distributors Time-Saving Services with Array of OrderTrax® Integrati
Charles River Apparel, a Top 40 supplier in the promotional products industry, saves its distributors time and provides seamless buying experiences with an increasing number of integration offerings.
Essent 11.0 Software Enhancements
OrderTrax Now Offers New PromoStandards Inventory 2.0 Endpoint
The Essent® OrderTrax® Network now supports improved Inventory Availability integration that accounts for inventory locations, future inventory, on-demand products, manufactured products, and lead times to provide for a fuller picture of available items and when they are available.
Outdoor Cap Adds 3rd Integration Endpoint, Automatically Showing Inventory Availability via Essent OrderTrax®
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