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7 Teams Entered the Essent-sponsored PromoStandards Hack-A-Thon. Who’s the Winner?
Colorado Adds Retail Delivery Fee That May Require Manual Management
Colorado’s new Retail Delivery Fee took effect July 1, 2022. Retailers must collect a $0.27 fee for each invoice for an order with taxable goods sent to a Colorado address.
Understanding Enterprise RFP Requirements: Security – Access Control and Authentication
Beyond basic username and password credentials, the RFP is likely to ask for one or more of several other authentication arrangements or methods, including methods that allow nuanced access and considerations that tie spend management or purchasing permissions to user authentication.
Essent is Ultimate Sponsor for Inaugural PromoStandards Tech Summit & Hack-a-Thon
Essent is the platinum sponsor for the inaugural PromoStandards Technology Summit and Hack-a-Thon on Oct. 2-5 in Tampa, Fla.
Letter from the PromoStandards Chair: Communication is at the Heart of What We Do
At the end of the day, we’re leveraging the power of communication through process and protocol, tirelessly innovating both to make the custom product industry more efficient.
Understanding Enterprise RFP Requirements: Security – Payment Processing
Payment card data not only poses the risk of identifying an individual, but also sensitive financial, transactional, and bank information that can be directly leveraged for fraud.
Internet Explorer EOL: Gentle Jabs at Browsing Giant Proved IE’s Might
The humorous jabs at Internet Explorer overlook a history in which IE truly dominated the competing browsers.
Understanding Enterprise RFP Requirements: Security – Sensitive Data and Consumer Privacy
This installment of our RFPs & Rising Technology Demands series examines sensitive data and consumer privacy, including PII, cardholder data and consumer privacy laws that are often cited in RFPs seeking digital commerce.
Understanding Enterprise RFP Requirements: Security
This installment in our RFPs and Rising Technology Demands series provides an overview of security requirements, terms, policies, procedures, standards, frameworks, and more often found in RFPs.
PromoStandards Technology Committee Expects to Create ‘Game Changer’ for Purchase Orders
The PromoStandards Technology Committee met in early May 2022 at Hit Promotional Products in Tampa, Fla., to develop the first promotional product industry standard for order management and workflows.
OrderTrax Network Offers PromoStandards Product Data 2.0 Endpoint
Suppliers and manufacturers can implement the endpoint via OrderTrax using the PromoStandards protocol.
Registration Opens for PromoStandards Technology Summit and Hack-a-Thon
The inaugural PromoStandards Technology Summit and Hack-a-Thon is October 2-5, 2022, in Tampa, Fla.
Understanding Enterprise RFP Requirements: Cost Centers
In any arrangement of dedicated spend and purchasing, there are likely to be requirements about how much spend is allotted, how it’s tracked, how limits are enforced and how it’s invoiced. RFPs often call for cost center functionality.
Critical Java SE “Psychic Signature” Vulnerability; Essent Products Unaffected
A vulnerability in Oracle Java SE versions 15 through 18 that the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures organization described as “easily exploitable” allows attackers to forge security certificates, digital signatures, two-factor authentication messages, and authorization credentials.
Understanding Enterprise RFP Requirements: Company Stores
RFPs for company stores are likely to feature a number of requirements concerning visibility, budget control, payment processing, security, who has access to which portions of the site, and how or how fast orders are fulfilled.
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