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The PPB Volunteer of the Month is Essent President Eric Alessi
A commitment to technology education in the promotional products industry has helped make Essent President & CEO Eric Alessi the PPB Volunteer of the Month.
Internet Explorer 9 and 10 Support Ends March 31, 2017
Internet Explorer 10 and below may experience breaking changes on ecommerce sites and should no longer be used.
Automatic Accounting Added to EssentOne™ Cloud Business Management System
With EssentOne, companies can automatically run sophisticated accounting processes, like job costing, simply as a side-effect of performing daily business activities.
2017 PPAI Expo and ASI Orlando: Two Great Chances to See EssentOne™
Visiting a technology provider at a trade show is the most important visit because nothing else on the show floor can improve business so dramatically.
ASI Show Orlando 2017: Essent Showing Promotional Products Software at Booth 1349
Essent will show solutions for business management, ecommerce, and integration at ASI Show Orlando Booth 1349.
#Tech22: Industry’s Top Technologists Include ‘Holy Grail’ Architects
The inaugural #Tech22 rankings recognize 22 individuals and teams leading technology collaboration in the promotional products industry.
PPAI Technology Summit Awards: ‘Holy Grail’ of Automated Order Processing Earns Essent® VP Honor
The solution is designed to eliminate supply chain friction and the steep costs of order processing. The result is more efficient relationships between distributors, decorators, and suppliers.
2016 PPAI NALC: Leadership Meets in Silicon Valley, Alcatraz Tour Planned at Essent-Sponsored Confer
Leadership and technology keep coming closer together in the promotional products industry, and now they're going to be in a lock-up together.
EmbroidMe Encourages Its 145 Suppliers to Integrate via the Essent OrderTrax Network
EmbroidMe® is embarking on a company-wide supply chain initiative to integrate with suppliers via the Essent® OrderTrax® Network to reduce labor, eliminate errors, and increase efficiencies for both EmbroidMe and its suppliers.
2016 PPAI Technology Summit: PromoStandards Taking Center Stage at Essent-Sponsored Conference
The 2016 PPAI Technology Summit will feature live demonstrations of technology built on PromoStandards specifications. That includes connecting a distributor to a PromoStandards web service live in 50 minutes or less.
Essent Exhibiting Promotional Products Software at The 2016 SAAC Show
Essent will exhibit its technology solutions for business management, ecommerce, and integration at SAAC Show Booth C110.
Essent Exhibiting Promotional Products Software at The 2016 ASI Show Chicago
Essent will show its technology solutions for business management, ecommerce, and integration. The 2016 ASI Show Chicago Booth 232.
Seats Filling Up Fast for PPAI NALC, Technology Summit
It's Not a Pizza Drone, But It Can Save You Some Dough
Essent software gets the product to the end user with the maximum efficiency that can save you a lot of dough.
Essent Continues Expanding Sales Department, Hires Chimaine Shadd as Sales Coordinator
Essent Corporation continues to expand its Sales Department with the addition of Chimaine Shadd, a 3-year veteran of the promotional products industry who has also represented some of the world’s biggest brands.
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