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Worldwide Manufacturer's Ecommerce Weekend Thrives Again on Essent Technology
Essent SiteBuilder and the Essent Commerce Cloud can accommodate a virtually inexhaustable number of concurrent online shoppers.
PromoStandards Workshop Returns for 2020 PPAI Expo
PPAI Expo 2020: Technology Solutions in Action, Booth 3157
Technology solutions for business management, ecommerce, integration, and more at 2020 PPAI Expo Booth 3157.
Understanding the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), aka ‘GDPR-Lite’
Once it takes effect on Jan. 1, 2020, the CCPA will become the strictest consumer privacy protection law in the United States.
Out-Of-State Sales Tax in Forefront as Amazon Seller Hit With $1.6M Bill
States are empowered by the Wayfair decision to ramp up sales tax collections on out-of-state sellers, and they are acting on it.
PromoStandards Launches Significant Improvement to Product Data Standard
6 of the top 7 promotional products suppliers representing $5.4 billion in annual sales are among the suppliers who adopted the PromoStandards Product Data Standard.
Donation Management Functionality for the Promotional Products Industry is Here for Season of Giving
For businesses who want to add a charitable component to their sales, collecting donations is just the start. Donation management software is for what comes next.
What Does the Dominos ADA Ruling Mean for Business Websites?
Citing the ADA’s guarantee of "full and equal enjoyment of the goods and services ... of any place of public accommodations,” a blind man’s lawsuit claimed Domino’s did not provide accommodations for him to order pizza online.
Slow Websites Slow Sales: Optimizing Ecommerce For Page Speed
Slow ecommerce websites are frowned upon by both search engines and shoppers. What can be done to please the robots and the people alike?
Essent Party at AT&T Stadium Provided Once-In-A-Lifetime Experiences
The Essent party reached almost larger-than-life proportions when it was held this year at AT&T Stadium, the NFL stadium in Arlington, Texas.
Artificial Intelligence Is On Its Way To Apparel. Will It Disrupt?
Think of it as 3D printing reaching the world of apparel.
Continental Headwear Makes Media Content Available to Distributors via OrderTrax®
Continental Headwear previously made Order Status, Order Shipment Notification, and Product Data available via the Essent OrderTrax Network and PromoStandards.
EnduraPack® Providing Real-Time Order Status, Product Data via OrderTrax® Integration
Midnite Snax Providing Distributors Time-Saving Service With Essent OrderTrax® Integration
AT&T Stadium Hosting Essent-Sponsored NALC & Tech Summit Party
Punt, pass and kick games, and a chance to appear on one of the world’s largest HD video screens, are among the highlights. A stadium tour and a group photo on the 50-yard line — that’s usually adorned with an iconic blue star — are also planned.
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