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PPAI Tech Summit Panel Will Focus On The Digital Integration Spreading Throughout The Industry
Digital integration has been in use since the dawn of electronics in one form or another, and digital integration for business is 40 years old this year. But digital integration standards within the promotional products industry are relatively new.
Top-15 Supplier Sunscope Provides Around-The-Clock Visibility to Inventory
Distributors integrated with Sunscope now can look up complete, accurate, real-time Inventory Availability at any time.
Compass Industries Adds 3rd PromoStandards Endpoint With Essent OrderTrax Integration
Distributors integrated with Compass Industries now can look up complete, accurate, real-time Product Data at any time.
Continental Headwear Makes Product Data Available to Distributors via OrderTrax®
A GDPR and Data Protection Note For Essent® SiteBuilder™ Users
Essent Continues Sponsorships of NALC and Tech Summit
WOWLine Providing Distributors Real-Time Inventory Information via OrderTrax®
“Integration via the OrderTrax Network takes the WOWLine’s top-rated customer service to another level."
Sanford B2B Providing Distributors Real-Time Order Status via OrderTrax®
Essent® implemented the integration for Sanford B2B via the Essent OrderTrax® Network using PromoStandards™.
The Case for Complying With GDPR
It’s the rising demand for consumer protections that needs your attention, if not necessarily the GDPR itself.
Continental Headwear Integrates Order Status, Ship Notices via OrderTrax®
ALightPromos Automatically Provides Real-Time Order Status via OrderTrax®
Distributors integrated with ALightPromos now can look up complete, accurate, real-time Order Status at any time 24-7-365.
Ecommerce Integration: What To Consider When Choosing Your Approach
When picking an ecommerce integration option, it’s easy to be shortsighted. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each approach helps companies choose the integration method that’s most efficient and cost-effective for both the shortterm and the longterm.
Slick Woody’s Cornhole Co. Makes Order and Shipping Information Automatically Available via OrderTra
In Your Face Apparel Providing Distributors Time-Saving Service With Essent OrderTrax® Integration
South Dakota v. Wayfair: A Mostly Simple Primer For Newly Complicated Taxes
Taxes are especially – and newly – complicated for companies selling in multiple states, thanks to the South Dakota v. Wayfair Supreme Court ruling. Here’s a mostly simple primer to the newly complicated issue of sales and use tax.
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