No phone calls.
No emails.
No unnecessary time and labor.


Seamless Transactions Among Distributors, Decorators, and Suppliers

With more than 1,400 trading partner integrations and millions of information requests sent and received, the Essent OrderTrax Network is the leading integration portal for the promotional products industry.


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Create experiences that keep customers coming back.

The information that your distributor partners need before, during, and after the sale is provided automatically for an easy buying experience that makes distributors want to come back for more. Rather than stopping to answer countless calls and emails, suppliers suddenly have time to simply focus on delivering memorable products and seamless buying experiences that delight everyone on the supply chain.


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Enjoy 24-7-365 access to the information that matters most.

The information you most often need to know like inventory, order status, and shipment status is available in an instant at any time, day or night. The time and labor it costs to manually check on orders disappears with information now available automatically, often in real-time. It's a streamlined approach to business that makes you more efficient than ever before, so it's easier to satisfy end buyers and generate repeat business.


Automatically Share The Information That Moves Transactions Forward

Leverage the award-winning Essent integration team and the Essent OrderTrax Network to create friction-free transactions where electronic information flows freely among distributors, decorators, and suppliers.

"We've found Essent technology to be incredible and lightyears beyond other industry technology. With Essent technology, Gold Bond has greatly enhanced the efficiency of transactions to the point that one day soon we'll be able to process orders automatically with hardly having to look at them. The amount of time this saves us and our customers alike cannot be overstated."

- Britney Godsey, Gold Bond Executive Vice President of Sales


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"Efficiency that many have sought but few have found. We’ve already found it in Essent technology.”

Ken Phu, Hub Pen Vice President of Technology

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"Essent provides the most efficient path to integration in the promotional products industry.”

John Glucksman, Quake City Caps President

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"Provides our distributor partners the information they want to know, when they want to know it.”

Mandy Whitworth, In Your Face Apparel Marketing Manager

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"Integration via the OrderTrax Network takes top-rated customer service to another level.”

WOW Line
Marketing Team

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"Keeps distributors automatically up-to-date while we move orders forward as efficiently as possible."

David Greenhut, The Book Company Owner and President


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"Rather than answer calls and emails, we can devote more time to fast turnaround and top quality."

Frank Foller, ALightPromos Manager of Information Systems

PPAI Internal Innovator Award

Award-Winning Integrator

The Essent Integration Team was feted by PPAI for the 'Holy Grail' integration of automated order processing, which eliminates supply chain friction and the steep costs of order processing. Learn more

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PromoStandards Founding Member

Essent is a standards-setting founding member of PromoStandards. We know the integration protocol from the inside out because we co-authored it. Learn more

The Most Efficient Path To Integration.

Use OrderTrax® to automatically share the information that moves business forward efficiently.

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