Essent Eco-Friendly Software Solutions

Essent engineers economical, eco-friendly software solutions for the planet. The entire organization strives to build software that is good for the environment and good for your bottom line at the same time. Essent accomplishes this by implementing innovative features that that allow users to minimize their carbon footprint:

100% Paperless Reporting

Paper is passé. With Essent software solutions, paper reporting is optional. All output can be viewed on screen and exported to worldwide standards including Adobe® PDF, Microsoft® Word, and Microsoft® Excel – even emailed – all without ever wasting a single branch. Not only do you help the environment, you save money in paper, printing, storage, and disposal.

Remote Work™

You don’t have to drive to the information when the information can come to you. Being paperless has other benefits – now you can work from anywhere, anytime, and still get your work done. Essent software solutions aren’t just designed for remote access, they’re engineered for Remote Work™. Sure, Essent software is optimized for remote access, but more importantly, workflow within the system is intelligently created by Essent so that tasks can be completed remotely, without the need to ever visit the office. Now that’s not only environmental, it’s economical as well.

Integrated Electronic Workflow

You don’t need paper when your processes are electronic. Essent offers the only industry solution with integrated business process workflow automation that tracks and links all related information within the system. Now you save time and errors while helping save the planet.

Document Management System

Want more? How about a fully integrated Document Management System that allows any file to be permanently linked to system information like customers and orders. Now the paper you do have can go paperless too.

Transaction Tracking and History

Want to go back a decade run reports or repeat a sale? No problem. Paper takes space and space needs heating, air conditioning, and lights. Even if you archive documents off-site, it takes energy. With Essent software solutions transactions like sales history can be stored and recalled for an indefinitely period of time. That’s the way to make history.

Electronic Document Delivery

Still printing invoices? No need. With Essent accounting solutions, invoices, statements, and late notices can be reliably delivered electronically. Mail costs money and wastes time. Now you can increase cash flow and decrease greenhouse gases one invoice at a time.

Optimized Processes

Did you know computers get hotter as processing loads increase? Increase heat indicates increased energy. Essent software is optimized to be processor efficient, which means less energy consumption, less heat generated, less air conditioning, and less time waiting. Optimization saves energy one CPU cycle at a time and that’s green... however you look at it.