Facility Management Support™

Business operations are more complex than ever. Companies of all sizes are encountering local and global competition like never seen before. Business is performed on a new playing field dictated by consumers’ demands for instant information, synchronized delivery, and web-based self-service. Organizations of all sizes are dependent on advanced operations management systems that drive performance and customer satisfaction to new heights. Even the largest companies with dedicated information technology staffs are faced with the impossible challenge to implement complicated systems without access to the training or staff necessary to maintain them.

The solution is Facility Management Support™ (FMS) advanced, comprehensively planned, systems management from Essent, the company that pioneered outsourced critical-care of —operations management systems. FMS helps clients manage the business and technological complexities of today's digital economy and allows all-sized organizations to do more with less.

Small organizations without an information technology staff can now cost-effectively implement the equivalent of a complete computer department for a fraction of the price. Medium-sized organizations with limited staffing can greatly expand their capabilities without greatly expanding their budget. Large organizations can fill in the gaps with Essent’s cutting-edge expertise in advanced information technologies, workflow processing, and operations management solutions.

Essent brings together the world's best processes and practices to help organizations achieve success in the global digital economy. Our broad client bases exposes our staff to the best and worst conditions in business, allowing us to create best practices for operations management. Essent delivers a portfolio of packaged services that helps companies transform their operations, quickly respond to opportunities, protect their physical and digital assets, and go to market ahead of their competitors.

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Customer References

"We've been working with Essent Corporation for over a year now, and we highly recommend them for all of your facilities management needs.They add exceptional value to our organization, and quite literally act as an extension of our IT department. Thanks very much for all of your great support, service and commitment to BjM Promotions, Inc."

Deb Miller
Vice President
BjM Promotions

"For almost 10 years Essent Corporation has provided us with full-service IT management services. They have been responsible for all of our network, software, and hardware needs; and have implemented the necessary technology to assist us in our growth from 10 employees and one server, to 35 employees and 3 servers. Our IT needs have always been addressed in a timely and professional manner."

M. Arif Fazil, P.E.
D’Huy Engineering, Inc.

"Essent takes care of all our PC and server support needs. It is like having an on-demand IT staff that provides planning, support, hardware acquisition, troubleshooting, and maintenance services. They are very responsive and they get the job done right the first time. This is a huge advantage and a big savings in time and money."

Kathleen M. Snyder
Andesa Strategies, Inc.

"As Fusion’s IT needs grew we needed help outside of our in-house computer technician. The Microsoft-certified systems engineers and Systems Management expertise of Essent changed all that. Today Fusion enjoys world-class support from a team of experienced professionals for half the money we spent in the past. Now our IT is as professional as the rest of Fusion, LLC."

Lisa Poirier
Operation Manager
Fusion, LLC