Avalara AvaTax Brings Additional Sales Tax Automation to EssentOne

Getting Started

Avalara integration has been in production with early adopters since 2021 and is now available in EssentOne for general release. EssentOne subscribers who would like to use Avalara AvaTax as the Sales Tax Processor in EssentOne can contact their Essent representative.

  • Your Essent representative will manage provisioning of the Avalara AvaTax service for your EssentOne installation.
  • Your Essent representative will coordinate the integration between your EssentOne installation and Avalara.
  • EssentOne Sales Tax Processing remains available to all subscribers.

Avalara AvaTax®, which automates sales tax calculations and related processes to simplify compliance, is now available in EssentOne®, the fully integrated business management system designed to save time and labor.

EssentOne now optionally includes the automated tax tools of AvaTax. AvaTax simplifies the sprawling and complex system of tax jurisdictions by automatically calculating sales tax, use tax, and value-added tax (VAT) in real-time for more than 12,000 tax jurisdictions in 190 countries.

EssentOne already automates and integrates hundreds of business and accounting practices. AvaTax adds new automation for sales tax calculation, address verification and nexus, and tax reporting and filing.

Essent has certified AvaTax and Avalara has certified EssentOne as integrated systems. Like the Essent Sales Tax engine that comes stock with EssentOne, the optional Avalara AvaTax, Address Verification, and Resale Certificate functionality is fully integrated into the system, providing a native, seamless user experience with full visibility to how sales tax is calculated. The advantage of using AvaTax within EssentOne is that AvaTax works in tandem with the automated and integrated EssentOne systems for CRM, Ecommerce/Sales, Operations, Accounting, and more.

Especially for those selling in multiple jurisdictions, a near certainty in ecommerce, sales tax compliance can be a burdensome and costly undertaking. The South Dakota v. Wayfair case of 2018 affirmed that even out-of-state sellers, like ecommerce sellers, must collect and remit sales tax for the geographical locations they sell into.

Sellers are responsible for calculating tax rates, managing tax documents, filing returns, and determining liability for each jurisdiction the seller sells into, in addition to just knowing the various jurisdictions in the first place.

Avalara AvaTax, including when used within EssentOne, eliminates much of the compliance burden by automating many of the tasks related to sales and use tax compliance process for more than 12,000 jurisdictions. AvaTax also automates tax returns by tallying what you owe, preparing and filing your returns, and remitting what you owe.

Among the features of Avalara AvaTax in EssentOne are:

  • Integrated Systems: A direct link between AvaTax and EssentOne via a prebuilt connection creates seamless automation.
  • Sales Tax Automation: Avalara AvaTax automatically calculates sales and use tax for transactions, invoices, and other activity performed in EssentOne. There’s no more looking up rates because AvaTax is updated regularly for changing rates and rules in 12,000+ jurisdictions.
  • Reliable Tax Calculations: AvaTax receives transaction data from EssentOne, and AvaTax sends back the tax total. Customers and staff alike can see the tax owed in real time, including in ecommerce.
  • Certificate Management: Collect, store, and renew exemption certificates and other tax documents in the cloud, plus automatic exemptions for eligible transactions.
  • Line-Item Ship To: Deep ship-to granularity that scales with the ability to verify addresses and calculate tax for thousands of addresses for a single line item to eliminate major pain points for volume shippers.
  • Address Verification: Comprehensive address verification for customer self-service and back-office management, providing an efficient method to audit and verify addresses.
  • Multi-Ship Address Support: providing a comprehensive method to verify multiple ship-to address list imports in bulk and accurately calculate and collect.
  • On-Demand Reporting: 24/7 access to crystal clear transaction history from both AvaTax and EssentOne.
  • The Power of EssentOne: The time and labor-saving features of EssentOne for CRM, quotes, presentations, ecommerce/sales, order management, client communication, operations accounting, and more remain.