The Best CRM is Integrated CRM.

Customer Relationship Management is more than contacts, addresses and phone numbers. CRM is the starting point for your next great sale.


Everything you need -- and more.

EssentOne is engineered to meet a diverse range of business scenarios, including yours. You’ll have the functionality you need, with more available as you grow.


Customer Classes: Classify customers to automatically set pricing rules and margins. Pricing is accurate for accounts of any level.

Multiple Contacts: Beyond the basics like names and phone numbers, define shipping and billing addresses and more that are automatically added to the order with the customer.

Sales Teams: Give your key players access to the account by assigning the sales rep, project manager, account manager, and customer service rep.

Multiple Addresses: Complete address details including designated ship-to, bill-to, first-party, and third-party addresses that are automatically added to orders to enforce proper usage and prevent mistakes.

File Attachments: Store files directly in the customer profile to easily access artwork, applications, certifications, tax certificates, or any file you can attach.

Pricing: The system automatically applies the rules you set for customer-specific pricing, volume-based pricing, profitability, and more.

Billing: Set billing terms, when to invoice, overrun rules, underrun rules, and more on a customer-by-customer basis.

Shipping: The shipping address, method, charges, and timing can be set for each customer and automatically applied.

Territories and Markets: Assign customers to geographic regions, industries, and markets for focused analytics and reporting on sales success.

Customer Groups: Link multiple accounts into customer groups to track franchises or regional sales.

Properties: Add the information that makes your CRM unique. Track and group customers with the criteria you create.

User-Defined Fields: Take your customer relationships to the next level with trading partner integration. User defined fields hold codes for EDI and PunchOut integration.

Marketing Source Codes: Know where your successes come from. Track customers and contacts to their source to determine the ROI of marketing efforts.

Full Integration: CRM data flows to presentations, quotes, orders and more for less re-keying and more accurate orders ready for immediate processing and faster turnarounds.


You're getting a lot.

EssentOne does more than almost any other system, with functionality for almost every business scenario. You’ll see and use the pieces you need, with the assurance that when you need more, there is more.