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The B2B relationship is so much more than retail ecommerce.

But consumers can do more with consumer ecommerce than business customers can do with corporate procurement.

The reason is modern procurement is more than issuing a Purchaser Order. Today, corporate customers not only want to purchase for their own consumption. They need to be able to purchase, sell, and deliver their brand to their employees, dealer-distribution network, and end customers.

Not only do corporate customers care about their own needs for spend management, they care about the cost and quality of what they’re delivering to others down the line. All of this adds up to corporate customers needing access to systems and information that were traditionally locked away in the back office.

The EssentOne Customer Portal provides your customers access to the self-service systems and information they need. Your corporate customers access the analytics and data they most often want to know: the status of ecommerce storefronts, sales orders, statements, and dozens of detailed reports, all with B2C-like ease.

Essent makes it incredibly easy and cost-effective to get started.

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The dashboard is your customer’s home for analytics. It shows crystal-clear data and charts that let everyone know where business stands.

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Your customers will find their ecommerce sales performance, website by website, as well as historical performance and the latest orders.

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Show your customers Sales Orders from their websites, including the orders they placed themselves or generated by approving quotes.

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Customers see where they stand with you in a snapshot with a comprehensive history of payments and invoices and the current balance due.

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Real-time reports answer customers’ common questions immediately. What’s selling? What’s in inventory? Who are the biggest buyers?

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