OrderTrax Industry Trading Network and Web Portal


On December 27, 2010 Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), the international not-for-profit association for the promotional products industry, announced today the sale of the majority of ISERVCORP assets to Essent, one of the industry's leading technology partners and the largest provider of fully-integrated business management solutions to the promotional products industry.

ISERVCORP was the provider of Daily Boost, OrderTrax®, and TAG Tools software that powers the ePSA Trading Network. Daily Boost was not sold to Essent and has been discontinued by PPAI. All other major products and services continue under the ownership, direction, and management of Essent.

There are two major elements to the acquisition: the trading network with its associated software and the web portal with its order management functionality. Each includes a number of software components, like TAG Tools, that work together to form a whole. All of these components will be part of the OrderTrax® brand, for simplicity, organized under the OrderTrax® Network and the OrderTrax® Portal.

OrderTrax is the innovative order-management web service that streamlines the order communication process between Suppliers and Distributors, keeping them on the same page, at the same time. OrderTrax2 utilizes TAG software, the same underlying and proven software that processed more than 18 million transactions, totaling more than $3 billion in Distributor purchase orders in 2010 alone.

The Essent portfolio of industry-specific business management products and services complement OrderTrax and the ePSA Trading Network. Essent Research and Development is infusing OrderTrax with Essent technology and best practices to enhance the speed, accuracy, and security of business transactions between distributors and suppliers.

It's an exciting time. We welcome you to Essent and the largest Industry Trading Network + Web Portal for the Promotional Products Industry.