The Best G/L Management is Integrated G/L Management.

Integration and automation bring tightened controls and enhanced visibility to General Ledger management. Labor and errors are reduced for greater profitability and real-time snapshots on where business stands at any time.


Everything you need — and more.

EssentOne is engineered to meet a diverse range of business scenarios, including yours. You’ll have the functionality you need, with more available as you grow.

icon representing chart of accounts

Chart of Accounts: Take control of account names and numbers and configure how postings are applied to the accounts.

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General Journal: Gain complete visibility to system-generated automatic postings, as well as the ability to post manual journal entries, with safeguards that keep entries balanced.

icon representing accounting periods

Accounting Periods: Match your own real-world accounting period with the starting dates, months, and years of your choosing.

icon representing cash flow

Cashflow and Balance Sheet: Crystal clear dashboards show net cash, cash in, and cash out as well as the ratios of assets, liabilities and equity.

icon representing accounting reports

Reporting: More than a dozen General Ledger reports including information on the balance sheet, income statement, trial balance and more.

icon representing bank account reconciliation

Bank Account Reconciliation: Detailed visibility to deposits and paid checks empowers you to seamlessly reconcile account balances.

icon representing automated postings

Automated Postings: Automated postings for receivables, cost of goods sold, inventory, payables, linked purchase orders, equity, and commission.

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Open and Close Accounting Periods: Soft-close months, open and close months as needed, and hard close at year-end with retained earnings.


You're getting a lot.

EssentOne does more than almost any other system, with functionality for almost every business scenario. You’ll see and use the pieces you need, with the assurance that when you need more, there is more.


Fully Integrated G/L as a Part of

The EssentOne business management system and ERP fully integrates the transaction lifecycle from CRM to ecommerce to presentations to quotes to orders to client communication to operations to accounting and beyond. The result is minimized time and labor and maximized revenue.


Fully Integrated G/L as a Part of