Integrated Accounting in the Cloud Lets You Take Your Opportunities with You

Integrated Accounting and Mobile AccountingBusiness doesn’t only happen in the office.

Increasingly it happens on the road, at the trade show, at the client’s office, at home, at sporting events – anywhere. A business management system, like EssentOne™, with integrated cloud accounting makes it easy to do business anywhere.

Traditional accounting systems limit opportunities. Since the order management and accounting systems are isolated from one another, it’s impossible to see the big picture. Even if order management is in the cloud and accounting is in the cloud, what’s the use if they don’t communicate with one another? It remains difficult to do business away from the office.

With integrated cloud accounting, you can manage the whole order lifecycle, from quoting all the way out to accounting, right from the phone in your pocket. Imagine delivering the order to the client and having it invoiced and paid right on the spot. Visit the client to discuss a campaign then immediately create a quote, start the order and invoice it in a matter of moments.

With integrated cloud accounting from EssentOne, opportunity follows you wherever you are.

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Integrated accounting in the cloud brings operations and accounting together for the automatic, continuous, real-time picture of where business stands.

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