Integrated Accounting Means Real-Time Info, No More Re-Keying

With traditional accounting systems, it’s like order management is from Mars, and accounting is from Venus.

Order management and accounting don’t need to live in separate worlds.

With traditional accounting systems, professionals export data from an order management system, manually organize the information into cumbersome batches, re-enter it into an accounting system, and cross their fingers that everything went right. It’s like order management is from Mars, and accounting is from Venus.

Integrated cloud accounting from EssentOne removes the barrier. Accounting happens automatically because it’s integrated with operations. As orders are processed, invoiced, and paid, postings are automatically made to Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and the General Ledger. And since it’s automatic, accurate business information is available in real-time, at all times.

No more re-keying, no more manual organizing, no more wasted time. Accounting becomes an automated part of operations. Finally -- order management and accounting can live together in the same world.

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Integrated accounting in the cloud brings operations and accounting together for the automatic, continuous, real-time picture of where business stands.

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