The Best Purchasing Management is Integrated Purchasing Management.

For dropship, enterprise, or both, connect sales and purchasing for greater visibility, tighter control, and orders that move forward faster with more profitability.


Everything you need — and more.

EssentOne is engineered to meet a diverse range of business scenarios, including yours. You’ll have the functionality you need, with more available as you grow.


Linked POs: Create purchase orders directly within sales orders to make a connection that speeds up transactions and shows a crystal clear view of the profitability of each order.

Dropship POs: Use linked POs to route sales order items from vendors to service providers to end customers, all dropshipped without you ever touching the item.

Inventory POs: Generate purchase orders to replenish stock with the items routed directly to your warehouse. Leverage automation to know exactly when it’s time to re-order.

Supplier Relationship Management: Integration with Accounts Payable links suppliers to shipping rules, payment terms, and payment methods.

Receiving Products: Receive items into inventory against open purchase orders, with automation to track order fulfillment and on-hand inventory levels.

Job Costing: With purchase orders tied to sales orders, the system automatically calculates the profitability of each order.

Purchase Tracking: Ideal for back orders. The purchase orders show the quantity ordered and the quantity received and partially fulfilled POs can remain open until the remaining quantity arrives.

Consolidated POs: Fulfill dozens or even hundreds of orders all at once. Items from several sales orders can be combined into one Consolidated Purchase Order, complete with the advantages of Linked POs.

Required Purchasing for Sales Orders: Automatically know when purchasing is required for orders. Submitted sales orders that require purchasing generate a notice.

Required Purchasing for Replenishment: Automatically know when purchasing is required for inventory. Define minimum quantities for inventory and receive a notice when they’re reached.

Supplier Integration: Leverage the Essent OrderTrax Network to automatically send your vendors electronic purchase orders, using PromoStandards or the protocol of your choosing.


You're getting a lot.

EssentOne does more than almost any other system, with functionality for almost every business scenario. You’ll see and use the pieces you need, with the assurance that when you need more, there is more.