EssentOne matches the OrderMaster features you count on, then adds more.

Compare OrderMaster Logo EssentOne Logo EssentOne Logo Notes
Customer Relationship Management Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark EssentOne CRM goes beyond traditional CRM with automated rules for customer-specific pricing; year-to-date sales rankings; and sorting by activity, recency and more.
Vendor and Supplier Management Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark EssentOne Vendor and Supplier Management are integrated with order management and processing so that supplier and vendor information flow right into the order without needless re-keying.
Integrated Order Management Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark EssentOne provides the most robust Order Management by integrating with nearly every other part of the transaction lifecycle. Presentations flow into quotes, quotes flow into sales orders, sales orders flow into purchase orders, and beyond, all with a click.
Multi-Vendor Orders Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark EssentOne simplifies complex orders — even when there are multiple vendors, multiple products, multiple service providers, and multiple shipping destinations. Sales order and customer information flow from step to step so that EssentOne automatically generates complete, accurate Purchase Orders that account for multiple vendors and a whole host of complexities.
Quotes Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark EssentOne quotes are more than just quotes. Grouping and rollup tools make costing and pricing easy. Integration with product research make hundreds of thousands of products available. And with just clicks, quotes turn into stunning customer-facing Presentations.
Invoices Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark EssentOne makes invoicing easy because information flows from order management, including even customer-specific pricing, to automatically generate accurate invoices that then can be delivered to customers with a just a click.
Reports Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark EssentOne features hundreds of thousands potential custom reports that can detail every part of the business. Optionally include Microsoft Power BI analytics for the most robust Business Intelligence available.
Presentations Checkmark Checkmark EssentOne Presentations provide your customers a beautiful gallery of curated products for a stunning first impression that makes selling easier. True beauty, however, is on the inside: information flows effortlessly from presentations into orders, inventory, accounting, and more for efficient, friction-free sales.
Automated Accounting Checkmark Checkmark Run accounting just by running the business. General Ledger, Receivables, and Payables processes are automatically performed as information continually flows in from order processing. With the multi-user Team Edition, even sophisticated accounting processes like job costing and commission calculation are automatically performed as well, plus gain the power of pro forma invoicing to invoice at any time. With automated accounting from EssentOne, you process the orders and the system handles the accounting for you.
Ecommerce Integration Checkmark Checkmark EssentOne integrates with ecommerce platforms, web storefronts, and company stores so that orders placed online automatically flow into the back office ready for processing. From the web to the back office, product data, inventory, pricing, match reality because EssentOne and ecommerce work as one complete, integrated system for efficient ecommerce sales and sales processing. Integrate with your existing ecommerce website via the EssentOne Connector API, or use the natively integrated Essent SiteBuilder platform for a truly powerful ecommerce experience.
Product Configuration Engine Checkmark Checkmark Product Configuration is critical for the sale of custom products like promotional products — configuration is what makes the product custom. EssentOne reduces the complexity of product decoration and customization into a simple series of survey questions that anyone, even end users, can answer to generate Well-Formed orders. As options are chosen, line items, pricing, work orders, and more are updated on the quote or sales order in real-time.
Trading Partner Integration Checkmark Checkmark Leverage the Essent OrderTrax Network to connect with your trading partners for the most efficient transactions possible. Distributors, decorators and suppliers can connect their back-office systems to automatically communicate Inventory, Order Status, Order Shipment, Product Data, Media Content, Purchase Orders, Product Pricing and Configuration, and Invoices. The information most often needed to move transactions forward are shared electronically and automatically instead of manually by phone and email so that transactions can move forward without delay.
Opportunity Management Checkmark Checkmark It’s common for a sales rep to quote a customer but the sales process actually starts well before that. That’s why EssentOne includes Opportunities that outline the prospective deal, it’s value, and forecasted close date – giving the organization complete visibility to its sales pipeline.
Activity Management Checkmark Checkmark A big part of many users’ day-to-day activities includes scores of miscellaneous tasks to complete. EssentOne not only keeps the activities in one central location but links them to objects like customers, suppliers, quotes, orders, and more so that they’re easy to track and users know who’s taking care of which activities.
Dashboards Checkmark Checkmark Crystal-clear, intuitive analytics dashboards provide real-time business insights at a glance all throughout EssentOne. Whether tracking order status, product activity, financials, or dozens of additional data points, it’s easy to know where business stands with EssentOne.
Integrated Product Research Checkmark Checkmark Leading product research engines like ASI® ESP® and DistributorCentral are integrated with EssentOne. Hundreds of thousands of products and their rich product detail can be pulled directly onto presentations, quotes, sales orders and more without ever leaving EssentOne.
Catalog Management Checkmark Create one central repository for your products and their associated data and automatically share that data with the people and systems who need to access it. Your electronic product catalog in EssentOne can be used to seamlessly generate presentations, quotes, and sales orders. Update a product in your catalog and have the changes automatically published to the ecommerce storefront. EssentOne is the home for robust product catalogs and complete product data.
Fully-Integrated Inventory Checkmark Go beyond simple product counts with EssentOne inventory tools like barcoding that helps keep inventory accuracy at greater than 99 percent. Manage multiple warehouses and inventory locations. Keep stock at optimal levels with your own inventory replenishment rules like reorder points and material planning requirements. And always know what stock is worth with powerful inventory valuation tools. Don’t hold your own inventory? Tap into OrderTrax trading partner integration to know real-time inventory availability from your vendors.
Fully-Integrated Fulfillment Checkmark As ideal for third-party fulfillment centers as it is for seller-decorators, the EssentOne Fulfillment Engine helps users pick, pack, and ship with ultimate efficiency. Fulfill more orders in less time at greater profit, and deliver customers accurate, hassle-free orders that delight.
Shipping Management Checkmark Go beyond simple packing slips with a complete shipping management solution. EssentOne includes a shipping cost estimator via UPS and USPS integration, a Promotions engine for offers of free shipping, and automated business rules for customer-specific shipping options.