"Do I really need to integrate with my trading partners?”

Your customers want to know.

More than ever, users and customers expect real-time order status. Give them what they want with trading partner integration: automated answers and faster transactions.

Give them what they want.

The single most experienced systems integrator in the promotional products industry, Essent is now serving the print industry with the quickest integration journey and the highest quality results.

Seamless integration.

The fastest, most cost-effective, and most powerful way to integrate in the print industry. The award-winning Essent integration team implements, maintains, and supports the integration for you. Trading partners -- current and new, in multiple industries -- simply connect for automated Order Status.


"Is the Essent OrderTrax Network the best way to integrate?”

"We've found Essent technology to be incredible and lightyears beyond other industry technology. One day soon we'll be able to process orders automatically with hardly having to look at them. The amount of time this saves us and our customers alike cannot be overstated.”
- Britney Godsey, Gold Bond Executive Vice President of Sales

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Save time

Eliminate time-consuming manual tasks like phone calls and emails. Integration automatically provides your partners answers, 24/7.

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Reduce costs

No more of the back-and-forth that layers cost onto every transaction. Integration saves the resources for more productive activities.

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Prevent problems

Greatly reduce the manual errors that so often bog down orders. Integration helps orders start right and stay right.

Integrate how you want to integrate.

Essent makes it easy for you to integrate the way you want to integrate. Almost any standard: ANSI X12, cXML, PromoStandards, and other public and proprietary standards are supported. Almost any system: Whether its our own ERP, EssentOne, or a business management system of your choosing, even proprietary systems – if we can connect to it, we can integrate it.

There's always more to integrate.

Order Status is only one point of information that can be integrated on the Essent OrderTrax Network. Other endpoints cover the spectrum of the information that customers most often want to know before, during, and after the sale: Inventory, Order Shipment Notification, Product Data, Media Content, Product Pricing and Configuration (PPC), Purchase Orders and Invoices.

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