A Member and Partner of Brand Chain

Essent is a proud member and partner of Brand Chain (formerly the Print Services and Distribution Association, or PSDA). After decades tailoring technology solutions for the promotional products industry, Essent became more involved in the print industry, joining Brand Chain and its Technology Committee.

Print and promo are sister industries, with shared customers, similar workflow, and each looking for more efficiency in custom product sales. Solving the technology needs of the print industry is a natural extension of solving print needs in the promotional products industry. Essent meets with print industry leaders to understand industry challenges and then tailor technology solutions to solve them. We continuously tailor our technology offerings to meet the unique needs of the customers and industries we serve.

Essent entered the print industry with a goal to implement more digital trading partner integration, which makes transactions more efficient by allowing distributors and suppliers to automatically share common business information. The award-winning Essent integration team leverages the OrderTrax Network, allows buyers (distributors) and sellers (suppliers), including those in the print industry, to share information quickly and automatically rather than slowly by phone and email.

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