How Much is Your Software Costing You?

The cost of typical software is more than a monthly subscription. So-called inexpensive software often winds up being the most costly of all. Instead, you need integrated technology solutions that automate tasks, prevent mistakes, and eliminate re-work -- you need technology solutions that actually save time and labor.

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Don't throw money away.

Typical software costs you more than what you see on the bill. It costs you all the time and labor it takes to manually do everything that the software won't do itself. Orders become more costly, margins are diminished, and profitability becomes limited. Typical software sinks your bottom line.

Make the most of every order.

Fully-integrated technology solutions are an investment with a return. By eliminating manual work and re-work, each order becomes as profitable as possible. Manual data entry and re-keying, calls and emails, and more are now automated for more efficient transactions and a better bottom line.

Fully Integrated
Technology Solutions
Product Research Manual product research Integrated product research
Presentations Re-key research into presentation One click to presentation
Order Entry Re-key presentation into order form One click to sales order
Sales Tax Manual sales tax calculation Automatic sales tax calculation
Purchase Orders Re-key into Purchase Order One click to PO
PO Delivery Email to send Purchase Order Integrated OrderTrax PO delivery
Order Confirmation Call supplier for confirmation Integrated OrderTrax order status
Shipping Confirmation Call supplier for shipping information Integrated OrderTrax shipping info
Shipping Tracking Email tracking number to customer Integrated OrderTrax shipping info
Bill Entry Manual supplier bill entry Automatic vouching
Job Costing Manual sales order variance adjustment Automated job costing
Invoicing Re-key data to create invoice One click to invoice
Commission Manual sales commission calculation Automatic sales commission calculation
Labor Per Order Hours Minutes
Cost Per Order Elevated Minimized
Profitability Limited Maximized

Minimize costs. Maximize profitability.

Fully integrated technology solutions from Essent automate transactions in ways that typical software simply can't. Order by order, Essent minimizes time and labor to maximize your bottom line.Learn More