Welcome to Essent Place

A commitment to customers, colleagues, and culture.

State-of-the-Art Research and Development Center

Designed for everything that makes Essent Essent.

The modern 10,500-square-foot Essent headquarters is, most importantly, designed for people. It's where happy workers collaborate on solutions that delight customers. Learn more

Essent Place DevOps Conference Room
Essent Place Cafe Corner

Inventive, Collaborative, Hard-Working, and Playful

Essent Place captures the Essent culture.

Essent Place is simultaneously collaborative and private, serene and energetic, casual and formal. The physical space is designed to meld each facet of the Essent culture. Learn more

A Place Where Problems Are Solved

Designed for EPIC, it works how Essent works.

How can we automate tasks with computers so that people are freed up to do what they do best? Essent Place is where we answer that question. Learn more

Essent Place Cafe Corner Meeting

Problem Solvers Wanted

PPAI Greatest Companies to Work For Logo

Among the Greatest Workplaces

PPB Magazine named Essent one of the Greatest Companies to Work For due to an ‘amazing’ team atmosphere filled with 'talented, bright people.’

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Essent Place Cafe Meeting

Inside the Essent Culture

Essent is full of sharp, successful problem solvers who also know how to kick back on company celebrations.

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PPB Rising Stars Essent Adam Taylor

A Rising Star

Essent Vice President of Development Adam Taylor is recognized as a Rising Star as "one of the ones to watch."

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An Integration Innovator

Systems Essent Vice President of Research Stephen Luisser created the ‘Holy Grail’ of integration.

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