Essent Place Captures the Essent Culture: Inventive, Collaborative, Hard-Working, and Playful

Essent is collaborative and open, but at the same time information can be sensitive, internal, or confidential. Essent is spontaneous, fun and energetic, but there are intellectually challenging and intensive tasks to be performed. Essent is causal, but sometimes a more formal disposition is required.

Spaces at Essent Place reflect and accommodate these seemingly opposed dynamics to capture the Essent culture. The physical space is architected to transition from formal to casual, from serene to energetic, with public and private collaboration in between.

There are two main work areas in the building. The operations suite houses sales, marketing, accounting, and executive management. The development suite houses analysts, designers, programmers, engineers, and support in 4-person team rooms, conference rooms, and open space.

They’re connected by the Café, the social heart of Essent Place. A transitional zone between the work centers, the Café is light, airy, energetic, casual, and fun. It has a 4-person lunch bar overlooking an open kitchen, coffee shop style seating, and a console video game station.

The physical space of Essent Place represents the Essent people: inventive, collaborative, hard-working, and playful.