Essent Bringing 7 Job Openings to 2016 Lehigh Valley Collegiate Career Expo

PPB Greatest Companies to Work For LogoAward-winning employer Essent Corporation is seeking candidates to fill 7 positions at the 15th annual Lehigh Valley Collegiate Career Expo.

Essent representatives will be at Booth 40 at the Expo, which is Noon to 4 p.m. Feb. 24 at the Holiday Inn and Conference Center in Fogelsville, PA.

Essent, a technology solutions provider based in Easton, PA, expects to make college hires for both programming and non-programming positions. Learn more about Essent and its job openings.

"The Lehigh Valley Collegiate Career Expo is a remarkable opportunity for Essent to find the smart, energetic people who will forge our continued successes. It’s also a tremendous opportunity for those bright minds to find Essent and our award-winning work environment,” Essent Executive Vice President Roland T. "Ron” Cahill III said.

Essent was named one of the Greatest Companies to Work For by Promotional Products Association International and PPB Magazine, which represent the industry that Essent solutions primarily serve. In its 36th year, Essent is a mature technology company  experiencing significant growth with unprecedented demand for its fully-integrated Business Management and Ecommerce software for process-intensive industries.

Essent, established in 1981, is in a growth pattern and expects to double its revenue in 2016.

About Essent Employment

Essent Corporation seeks energetic, bright, ambitious people looking for an exciting challenge with upside potential. Essent is full of sharp, successful problem solvers who also know how to kick back on company celebrations like professional sporting events, seasonal parties, video game tournaments, go-karts, and any other way colleagues devices to celebrate the company’s many successes. You'll enjoy challenging and meaningful job assignments as well as growth opportunities in a collaborative, interesting work environment that celebrates and rewards smarts and success.

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