Essent Celebrates National Intern Day With Moravian College Senior

Moravian College senior and Essent summer intern Nischal Piya is pictured front and center. Moravian College graduates Timothy Murphy and Spencer Diernbach, who are web developers at Essent, are to Nischal’s left and over his right shoulder, respectively. Essent President & CEO Eric Alessi, senior web developer Marjorie Cloak, and marketing coordinator Doug Brill are also pictured.

Essent celebrated National Intern Day with summer intern Nischal Piya, who’s soon returning to school for computer science.

Nischal, a senior at Moravian College, was mentored on the Web Development team with emphasis on Multi-Factor Authentication to enhance cyber security.

Moravian College, founded in 1742, is in Bethlehem, Pa., a couple of miles from Essent headquarters. Essent has had a successful string of hires and interns from America’s sixth oldest college.

In addition to the computer science major, Nischal is studying a self-designed minor in Interactive Design. He also works as a digital marketer for a start-up ecommerce business called Cashflow by Tai Lopez, which can help young people better understand business and marketing.

WayUp, a firm that helps employers recruit college students and recent grads, created National Intern Day in 2017 to recognize and celebrate the future leaders of the world.

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