Page Crash Issue in Chromium Browsers


Some recent versions of the Chromium browser engine contains a bug that causes the page to crash when users interact with HTML elements that contain certain accessibility-focused markup constructs.


Any user that browses the web by an affected browser can be impacted. Any website or web application that uses certain user interface accessibility methods that trigger the bug will be impacted.

Essent Service Impact:

Essent designs software that uses accessibility methods to comply with ADA Section 508. Currently the only Essent product known to be affected by this issue is EssentOne. SiteBuilder Designer itself isn't impacted but a subscriber that adds a third-party User Interface (UI) library may be impacted.

Corrective Actions:

2024-04-25 4:00 PM EST:
A patch has been developed by the Chromium team and is being actively distributed.

Updating Your Browser:
The About page in most Chromium browsers will automatically check for updates when opened. If an update is available, a message will appear indicating that a new version is being downloaded.

To view the About Page:

  • Chrome: Open the main menu, navigate to Help > About Google Chrome.
  • Edge: Open the main menu, navigate to Help and Feedback > About Microsoft Edge.


Firefox and Safari, which are not based on the Chromium browser engine, are not affected by this bug.  If users are unable to upgrade to the latest version of their affected browser, we recommend switching to Firefox or Safari temporarily until the update can be installed.

Affected Browsers:

Chrome 124.0.6367.61
Edge 124.0.2478.51

Other Chromium based browsers may encounter the same issue.

Technical Information:

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