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When you need to be operational with integration, Essent is here to help.

More and more distributors are asking their suppliers to integrate, and Essent implements integration faster and more cost-effecitvely than anyone else in the industry. Learn more

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What People Say About Essent Integration

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"It achieves the efficiency that many have sought but few have found. We’ve already found it in Essent technology.”

Ken Phu, Hub Pen Vice President of Technology

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"This is the information distributors want to know. It’s a big deal to offer this information in a timely way.”

Gary Haley, Beacon Promotions President

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Frequently Asked Questions About Integration Initiatives

Is your Distributor Partner Undertaking an Integration Initiative? Then this FAQ is for you.

Distributors are increasingly asking Essent to help them undertake Integration Initiatives. In the Integration Initiative, Essent acts on behalf of the distributor to help its supplier partners integrate quickly and cost-effectively. Here are answers to some questions you may have. Learn more

Essent Integration Initiative FAQ
Leveraging the Advantages

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Why OrderTrax is the Best Way to Integrate with your Customer

Suppliers implement once through OrderTrax, then Essent handles the rest. That includes finding even more integration partners, even if they use different standards.

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Supplier Integration Advantages Easier for Buyer to Buy

Supplier Integration Advantages: It's Easier for Buyers to Buy

Systems Integration greatly reduces the time and labor associated with each transaction while enhancing customer service. The result is more consumption, which is what everybody wants.

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5 Benefits of Getting Help from an Integration Services Provider

Most companies who want to integrate find it preferable to employ an experienced integration services provider who can implement the solution faster and more cost-effectively.

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Award-Winning Integrators

Fellow technologists awarded Essent the PPAI Technology Summit Internal Innovator Award.

The 'Holy Grail' integration generates orders so accurate that they can be processed by computers without a person even having to look at them. Learn more

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OrderTrax Integration Timelines

How Soon Can We Get an Integration Going?

Essent provides the most efficient path to integration in the promotional products industry.

Essent has major advantages implementing integrations for promotional products companies because Essent is deeply experienced in both integration and the industry. Learn more

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