Trading Partners Integrate Once through OrderTrax®, then Essent Handles the Rest

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Due to supporting multiple standards and a complementary match making service, OrderTrax provides the greatest number of potential integration partners through a single integration.

After a single integration through the OrderTrax Network, a company becomes equipped to connect with even more partners without taking on a costly new integration each time.

That’s because OrderTrax is like a Rosetta Stone for integration, automatically communicating business information in real time even when the trading partners are speaking different languages.

Essent also offers a complementary Match Making service that actively works to find new potential integration partners for companies in the Network.

Rosetta Stone

Usually a company using one standard could connect only with companies using the same standard. Or else the companies would have to create a whole new integration.

OrderTrax clears that barrier because it supports a long list of proprietary and industry standards, including PromoStandards, cXML, ePSA, ANSI X12. When one company uses one standard and another company uses another, OrderTrax can interpret the standards so that the companies can still communicate.

A supplier that integrates through PromoStandards, for example, usually couldn’t integrate with a cXML distributor without creating a whole new integration. But with OrderTrax, those companies can connect without having to start from scratch.

The result is that a single integration through OrderTrax opens the doors to dozens of trading partners, even when those trading partners use different standards.

Match Making

Also contributing to the most potential partners through a single integration are complementary match making services.

Essent actively works on behalf of both suppliers and distributors to find new trading partners. Having long served the promotional products industry, Essent knows the industry’s intricacies and most importantly has relationships with other companies who are looking to integrate.

In many cases, potential new trading partners are already in the OrderTrax Network and are a natural fit for companies who newly join.

For the Entire Transaction Lifecycle

In addition to offering the most potential partners through a single integration, OrderTrax offers a wide range of endpoints – a wide range of business information that can be automatically communicated.

Including inventory availability, pricing including customer-specific pricing, order status, advance ship notice, media, product data, purchase orders, product configuration, invoices, and more, OrderTrax provides integration for almost every step of the transaction lifecycle.

Quicker and More Cost-Effective

Finally, it’s usually quicker and more cost-effective to integrate through OrderTrax.

Some companies are able to implement integration on their own, but even those that do are unlikely to have the extensive integration experience of Essent and often run into delays or difficulty. On the other hand, it’s likely that Essent has already implemented an integration almost identical to a particular integration that a company is seeking.

OrderTrax also cuts down on new costs. The costs to maintain and secure an integration often soon outpace the costs of the initial integration itself. But Essent continually handles maintenance and security on behalf of companies as it hosts the integration on the OrderTrax Network.

Integrate Once

OrderTrax is the industry-standard integration portal and a proven, mature solution that processes more than $3 billion in commerce annually.

It allows trading partners to connect with a maximum number of other partners through a single integration, automatically transmits information for the entire order lifecycle, and is quicker and more cost-effective than other integration methods.

With OrderTrax, companies integrate once and Essent handles the rest.

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