5 Benefits of Using an Integration Services Provider

Software Systems Integration - 5 Benefits of a Third ParyMost companies who want to integrate find it preferable to employ an integration services provider.

Advantages of using an integration services provider to build, host, and maintain software systems integration include:

1. Reduced Maintenance Costs: When implementing software solutions, companies often think of the upfront cost. Before long, however, maintenance costs such as bug fixes, updates, and security compliance far outstrip the cost of the technology in the first place. With an integration services provider, the maintenance costs are shared by multiple companies using the provider, thereby reducing the cost burden for any individual company.

An integration services provider implements, works through the issues, and keeps the software up to date and secure more cost-effectively than most companies can accomplish on their own.

2. Scalability: Cloud hosting from an integration services provider generally scalable to a degree that far exceeds the capabilities of most individual companies. The provider can add server capacity for peak events, and subtract it when it’s no longer needed.

3. Cost-effectiveness and cost stability: On-premises hosting includes costs for hardware, labor, maintenance, and licensing, which can fluctuate based on events or issues. Cloud hosting from an integration services provider typically covers hardware, labor, maintenance and licensing costs within a reasonable, flat monthly fee.

4. Improved Security: Security is always evolving. New threats and/or standards emerge every day, and staying apprised of the latest threats and standards and addressing them is a 24x7x365 job. A systems integration provider can provide around-the-clock security management within its subscription offerings.

5. Experienced Integration Team: Even companies with developers are unlikely to have the extensive integration experience offered by integration service providers. The third party is likely to regularly perform software systems integration involving many different systems, methods, and companies. They’ve already identified and solved many of the issues.

Companies want to implement integration, work through the issues, and keep the software up to date and secure. An integration service provider accomplishes that more cost-effectively than most companies are able to accomplish on their own.

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