Firefox Users Need to Update the Browser Immediately Due To Critical Flaw

What To Do

Opening Firefox may provide a prompt to start the update to 72.01 by restarting the browser. Anyone who receives this prompt should follow it.

Those who do not receive the prompt should open Firefox and then its menu, typically with the three horizontal bars in the top right corner. From there, choose Help and then About Firefox. If Firefox is out of date, the About dialog will show a Downloading Update message and will prompt you to restart when the update is ready. If Firefox is already up to date, the box will say it is up to date.

There is a critical zero-day flaw in Mozilla Firefox that is being actively exploited and anyone who uses the browser should update to the newest version, 72.01, immediately.

Specifically, the flaw allows Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR) bypass and remote code execution.

Hackers are exploiting it now, and Mozilla is calling the flaw critical.

Updating to version 72.01 fixes the flaw.

While Essent software products and services are not affected, all customers using Firefox to access Essent products need to update to version 72.0.1 immediately.

Mozilla recommends all Firefox users update to version 72.01 immediately.

More information is here and here.

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