Google to Stop Recognizing Symantec HTTPS Certificates

Attention Essent Web Product Customers – Google will stop recognizing Symantec security certificates.

Google announced that its Chrome browser will stop recognizing HTTPS certificates issued by Symantec and Symantec-owned certificate authorities. Google said it was discovered that Symantec and the Symantec-owned certificate authorities had mis-issued more than 30,000 certificates.

Symantec says that far fewer certificates were mis-issued than Google claims and that the mis-issued certificates resulted in no consumer harm. Google nonetheless plans to stop recognizing Symantec certificates, and Google Chrome will regard sites that use Symantec certificates as insecure.

What does this mean to you?

Essent has verified that our customers are not using any of the affected security certificates issued by Symantec.

Essent customers that may be requesting new certificates from Symantec should verify with Symantec that this won’t affect them.

For more information on Google recognition of Symantec certificates, visit:

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