Mainstream support for the Opera browser on all platforms ends as of May 31, 2013

Attention SiteBuilder website subscribers: Mainstream support for the Opera browser on all platforms ends as of May 31, 2013.

The market share for the Opera browser is around 1%. Its decline continues as mainstream, competing browsers gain further prominence. As a result mainstream browser support for Opera is ending. 

What does this mean to you?
Most likely this doesn’t have any impact on you or your customers because the Opera browser is used by so few users. If you or a user does use Opera it will most likely continue to work. If you do have a problem, move to one of the supported browsers, which happen to be the most popular and maintained browsers in use throughout the world.

What do I need to do?
There is no action you need to take but it is recommended you use one of the supported browsers.

Why is support ending?
There are hundreds of web browsers and multiplied by multiple versions, but only a handful used by the majority of people throughout the world. Each browser version has the potential to behave differently from each other, resulting in a webpage being rendered and behaving differently. Technology is progressing and web standards are constantly evolving. It is not feasible or desirable to continue to develop to or support web browsers that are either outdated or unpopular. 

SiteBuilder Pro supports multiple versions of the most popular browsers. Support varies between SiteBuilder Pro Site Engine used to generate pages at run-time and SiteBuilder Pro Designer, which has more stringent browser feature and HTML compliance requirements. 

Supported browser changes over time due multiple factors like the introduction of new browsers, new versions, retirement of outdated versions, rendering behavior, and security issues. As a policy, Essent strives to support the last three major release of a browser with 10% market share. Browsers with less than 10% market share, but are growing or are relevant to the market as deemed by Essent, are supported on a case-by-case basis. Browsers with less than 5% and declining market share are candidates to be dropped at any time. Essent typically notifies the user community 12 months in advance of a change in browser support. Even so, deprecation or retirement of software may occur with little or no advanced notice do insignificant market share and to a number of technical reasons.

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