Microsoft Edge Browser Experiencing Major Printing Bug

Attention Essent Web Product Customers: Due to a Microsoft Edge browser bug in version 25 and below, PDF files printed via the Microsoft Edge web browser may print incorrectly.

Microsoft has confirmed the bug and has indicated this bug is capable of causing serious issues.

According to Microsoft, the Portable Document Format (PDF) files in Edge are printing out significantly different than they appear on-screen, including changing the content of the document.

Edge displays PDFs correctly but printed content differs notably, according to Microsoft.

When printing PDF documents, Edge users have reported that Edge can transform document content and appearance through errors such as shifts of cell numbers, the adding of words and symbols, and the substitution of words and characters.

What does this mean to you?

Some Essent customers choose to use Microsoft Edge to access Essent solutions such as the EssentOne™ Business Management System and the Essent SiteBuilder™ Content Management System.

Essent customers who continue to access Essent solutions through Microsoft Edge are likely to be impacted by the critical printing errors.

Essent customers who do not use Edge will not experience this printing problem, which is related only to Edge and not to the Essent solutions accessed by Edge.

What can I do about it?

Essent users can access Essent solutions through many other web browsers. Popular alternatives to Microsoft Edge are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari.

Essent users that continue to use affected Microsoft Edge versions to access Essent solutions are advised to avoid printing any documents via Edge, especially PDFs.

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