Action Requested for UPS Real-Time Shipping Estimates

Attention Essent Compass and SiteBuilder users who use UPS shipping estimates – action is requested by Tuesday, Nov. 25, 2014, to help ensure you continue to receive real-time shipping estimates from UPS without slow response times or outages.

What does this mean to you?

UPS issued an alert that said some users are using UPS Developer Kit APIs in the Customer Integration Environment (CIE), which is not intended to perform as the UPS production environment. UPS asked users to migrate to the UPS production environment by Nov. 25, 2014 to avoid slow response times or outages./p>

What can you do about it?

Replace shipping account URLs for UPS shipping estimation. If you use UPS shipping estimates in Essent Compass or your SiteBuilder Pro website, Essent is advising the following steps:

  • Log in to Compass Administrator
  • Go to Manager, Shipping Accounts
  • Select the UPS shipping account and click Detail
  • On the Shipping Estimator tab, delete the old URL and replace it with
  • Click OK to save the changes
  • Repeat for all UPS accounts that allow online shipping estimation

To get started

Perform the steps outlined above. If difficulties arise, contact your Essent representative by calling 800-559-9959 or by email.

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