Making Technology a Part of the Business Plan

Aligning technology to the way you do business.

Companies routinely plan budgets, sales and marketing strategies, and operational adjustments. But the most forward-thinking and progressive companies are also making technology a part of those plans.

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Business Analysis: A Fresh Look at the Intersection of Business and Technology

What does the business do? What does the technology do? What can they do together?

Take a closer look. Your software can do more. As business and technology both improve, it makes sense to take a fresh look at how they can work together in improved ways. Make Business Analysis Services part of your planning season. Learn more

Technology Planning Business Analysis
Technology Planning Software Development

With Software Development Plans, Companies Tailor Software to Their Needs

Plan on Software Automating What Sets You Apart

Entering a Software Development Plan is like hiring a team of developers, but much more cost-effective. It’s the way for companies to tailor software to the strengths that set them ahead of the competition. Learn more

Systems Integration Extends Planning to Your Partners for More Efficient Relationships

Integration automatically provides the information needed to do business.

When both partners are planning for the upcoming year is the best time to consider Systems Integration. Examine how you can integrate with your distributor, decorator, and supplier partners for a more efficient supply chain. Learn more

Technology Planning Systems Integration

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Technology for the Way You Do Business

Business Analysis, Software Development Plans, and Systems Integration Analysis align technology with what sets your company apart. An Essent representative can help you plan your technology future.

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