How to Make Technology a Part of Your Business Plan

Technology Planning

Companies routinely plan budgets, sales and marketing strategies, and operational adjustments. The most forward-thinking and progressive companies are also developing strategic technology plans.

A strategic technology plan assesses a company’s current technological strengths and weaknesses then establishes a roadmap to align technology with the way the company wants to do business.

A strategic technology plan identifies how to automate and integrate those factors that set the company apart.

Companies have specific rules, activities, processes, policies, and workflows that create the value of the business as a whole. It’s what makes the company successful. A strategic technology plan identifies how to automate and integrate those factors that set the company apart.

In addition to other financial and logistical considerations, planning season is the time to consider:

  • Business Analysis Services, which identify and defines the company’s activities and processes. The analysis then identifies how existing software or yet-to-be-developed software can automate the activities and processes.
  • Software Development Plans. Under a Software Development Plan, a technology provider creates new software functionality for the particular way a company does business. Software enhanced by a development plan automates the unique activities and processes that set the company apart from the competition.
  • Systems Integration Analysis. Successful companies don’t just have strong internal operations. They have strong, efficient relationships with their trading partners. Systems Integration Analysis identifies how companies can integrate with other companies for the automated exchange of the information needed to do business.

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Business Analysis, Software Development Plans, and Systems Integration Analysis align technology with what sets your company apart. An Essent representative can help you plan your technology future.

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