Systems Integration Extends Planning to Your Partners for a More Efficient Supply Chain

Technology Planning Systems IntegrationThere is no better time to consider integrating with a trading partner than when you’re both already planning for the upcoming year.

Innumerable strong relationships among distributors, decorators, and suppliers create an efficient supply chain to exceed end buyer expectations -- to the benefit of everyone involved.

Integration can further strengthen these trading partner relationships by automatically providing the information that’s needed to do business.

Planning season is the time for trading partners to consider how they can work better together through Systems Integration.

Companies preparing for the upcoming year or creating a strategic software plan can extend the planning to others. They can examine ways to better work with their trading partners through integration.

Systems Integration Analysis and Systems Integration Matchmaking from a technology provider will identify ways that trading partners can work more efficiently together.

For example, a supplier may want to integrate with distributors to provide real-time pricing and availability information so that the distributors always have the information needed to place an order. Systems Integration Matchmaking would identify distributors who want to integrate to receive this information. Systems Integration Analysis would determine how to make the integration work.

In addition to pricing and availability, other commonly integrated business information includes product catalogs, product configurations, order status, shipping notices, payment information, invoices, and more.

Rather than time-intensive, labor-intensive, and error-prone phone calls, emails, and manual processes to convey this information, trading partners can link their software systems through integration to automatically and accurately provide real-time information to one another.

By seamlessly providing the information needed to move transactions forward, the supplier and distributor share a more efficient relationship to better serve the end buyer. This ultimately increases consumption, which is what everyone wants, and provides more time for more productive activities, like sales.

Planning season is the time for trading partners to consider how they can work better together through Systems Integration.

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