Essent® Software Enhancements for 2016


Accounting for Services

Services now can be created and managed in the Accounting Module. Q2

Customer Service

New Credit Hold Types

Payment Card Holds have more granular functionality with three new credit hold types. One is a credit hold that does not allow sales orders nor purchase orders to be created nor submitted for a specific trading partner Q1. Another is a credit hold that continues to allow Sales Orders Q2. Another is a credit hold that continues to allow Linked Purchase Orders Q2.

Automated Order Change Notifications

When sales order changes, the Customer Service Module now can automatically communicate the change to the trading partner via Electronic Data Interchange or email. Users can define when an order change should be communicated. Recipients can subscribe to change notifications and set preferences. Q2


Color-Coded Work Order Status

Reviewing the status of a work order is simpler. Users can now see color-coded percentages that reflect the work order status. Color-coded percentages are provided for product received, product shipped, service received, and service fulfilled. Q2

Improved Work Order Management

New sorting and filtering options have been added for Work Order Management. Users can newly sort and filter based on color-coded percentages, category, subcategory, and sales order reference number. Q2


Preferred Replenishment

Inventory Replenishment through preferred suppliers is streamlined. The Required Inventory Manager now shows a column for Preferred Suppliers. Q2


Market Definition

Market Types and Source Types now can be defined in the Administrator module and assigned to Market Codes and Source Codes. This improves performance tracking by market segment and source. Q2


Report on New Business

Added reporting documents make it easier to analyze new business. One shows new accounts within the last month or quarter by customer. Another shows new accounts within the last month or quarter by order. Q1


Breadcrumb Lists

SEO is enhanced with Breadcrumb List markup that adheres to specifications. Breadcrumb List markup conveys information about site hierarchy to search engines, which in turn can more efficiently crawl the site and also display the breadcrumb path in SERP (Search Engine Results Page) returns. Q1

Website Design

Improved Default Designs

SiteBuilder now has more built-in design options. An improved default layout as well as additional classes have been added to the base and default CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) that come with all SiteBuilder sites. Q2

Always Improving

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