Essent® Software Enhancements for 2017


Payment Card Card Processing

Multiple enhancements were made to Essent Commerce Engine payment card processing in accordance with the latest Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).


Business Rules

Upgrades to EssentOne™ improve enforcement of business rules, such as rules for customer-specific pricing, shipping, taxes, distribution centers, and billing.


Ease of Use and Mobile Compatibility

The EssentOne User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX) is improved based on customer feedback. Ease of use and mobile compatibility are improved for Sales Order Detail, Activities, Activity Detail, Opportunities, and Customer Manager.


Consolidated Purchase Orders

Consolidated Purchase Orders – Purchase Orders containing multiple Sales Orders – can now be processed in EssentOne.


File Transfer

The Essent OrderTrax® Network can now automatically pull files from trading partners rather than requiring the trading partners to push the files out via File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or another method. For example, a distributor can automatically pull price and availability information from the supplier through OrderTrax rather than relying on the supplier to push it out.


Program Orders

Automation is enhanced for program billing. The Essent Business Management System has improved recognition for which line items are associated with program billing and which are not. Now when a parent line item is associated with a program, child line items added under the parent are also associated with the program. For example, when a decoration service is added to program-associated apparel, the decoration service is also automatically associated with the program.


Work Order Images

Images and image groups can now be assigned to services and displayed on work orders for greater production accuracy. Adding an image or multiple images can allow the fulfillment house to see in precise detail which artwork or decoration to use and how the final product should look, for example.



The information need to make the best business decisions possible is more accessible. EssentOne now supports hundreds of custom reports for almost every part of the transaction lifecycle including Customer Service, Order Status, Activities, Opportunities, Invoices, Commission, Accounting and more.

Software Enhancements

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