Essent® Software Enhancements for 2018-Q2

The following features and functionality are being released in Quarter 2 of 2018.

Quick-Add Menu

EssentOne has a new Quick-Add feature that makes it easier than ever to access, add to, or create documents like Quotes, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders and more on the fly. No matter where you are in the system, the crystal clear, intuitive Quick-Add lets you take immediate action.

Split Commission

The most powerful commission engine in the industry is improved with automated split commission. Set your business rules for default commission splits instead of manually splitting up commissions for each order. Automated Commission Management is part of the EssentOne Accounting Engine that performs accounting operations automatically as a result of processing orders.

Purchasing Dashboard

EssentOne has a new front end for business logistics. The new Purchasing Area and Dashboard shows logistics at a glance and creates to home for Purchase Order management. Rather than running reports or drilling for information, the dashboard shows a graphical snapshot of your business, where you are, what you need to do. The system digests the high volumes of purchasing information and puts it one place, making it easier to understand and use.

Multiple Merchant Accounts for PayPal

Branding is more accurate for when you bill on behalf of your client. Now each Branch, or user-defined portion of the business, such as a Branch for a client, now can have its own individual PayPal account, the same as each Branch has been able to have its own individual payment card. So the end buyer sees the correct billing and branding -- your client's.

Batch Shipments

It’s easier than ever to record shipments. Rather than individually enter dozens or hundreds of shipments, now Essent users can upload shipments in bulk via a simple CSV file.

Batch Promotions

A powerful new way to let your internal staff or your clients quickly communicate and assign promotions. Easily apply promotions to hundreds of products at once simply by uploading a file. Create the promotion and import a CSV file with all of the SKUs that should be included. The promotion is applied to all of the SKUs.

Program and Catalog Management

EssentOne users can manage programs and catalogs in the back office and automatically publish them to ecommerce websites and company stores. There’s no need to manage the products in two locations – manage programs and catalogs in the business management system, and the website automatically updates.

New automation has been added to program management, as well. Users can now set a maximum order quantity for specific customers.

Customer Returns

EssentOne manages the full Customer Returns lifecycle. Authorize, receive, and account for end customer returns, whether the return is for refund or for credit. The engine tracks how much the end customer actually bought as a safeguard against refunding or crediting too much or too little.

Improved SEO

Search Engine Optimization is enhanced. The robots meta tag now can be applied to individual products and individual groups of products.

Software Enhancements

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