Essent® Software Enhancements for 2017-Q3

The following features and functionality will be released in Quarter 3 of 2017.


Fulfillment Added to EssentOne

Fulfillment can now be performed in the EssentOne Business Management System. Fulfillment management tools and automation including complete Sales Order fulfillment as well as complete pick, pack, and ship operations management have been added to the system. Purchase Order functionality was previously added, and order assignment and fulfillment priority will be added soon. The Fulfillment functionality and automation previously only existed in the Compass Business Management System. Now it’s available in the new, intuitive, browser-based EssentOne, available anywhere on any device with a modern web browser and an internet connection.

Picklist Barcode Scanning

Pick Lists now support barcode scanning to instantly access Work Orders. Scanning the Pick List barcode opens the Work Order Manager where a user can input the work that needs to be done for the scanned item, or see the work that needs to be done. For example, a user can collect 10 items, barcode scan the pick list, and enter the required work. Then the next user can pick up the items, bar code scan the picklist, see the work that needs to be performed, and perform it. The work associated with each item has never been easier to define and find.

Packing Lists: Future Deliveries

Packing lists now include information on remaining items and quantities yet to be fulfilled. The end buyer gains visibility to what can be expected in future shipments.

Purchase Order Change Tracking

Users have greater visibility to changes made to Purchase Orders. When prices or line items change, the system will log who made the change and when. The system previously logged details upon creating and submission of sales orders.

Pick Lists by Location

Pick Lists can now be ordered by physical location for more efficient picking. Pickers can follow the most efficient physical route to products.


Custom EDI Documents

Essent Business Management System users who are connected to the Essent OrderTrax Network now can create custom documents instead of using only templates. Users can create ANSI documents with custom fields and information.

Product Data

Product Research Details

More data can automatically flow into the Essent Business Management System from Essent product research integration partners such as ASI and DistributorCentral. Product Number, SKU, Cost, and a supplier prefix were added. When users search ASI and DistribtorCentral from within the Essent Business Management System, the new information flows automatically into the back office along with the other product information users are accustomed to. The BMS also continues to automatically apply user-configured business rules such as customer rules, pricing rules, and more. A back button was also added for when users select a product by mistake.

Product Research Matrices Added to EssentOne

In EssentOne, it’s easier to create bulk orders with multiple size and color combinations. Users can now create Product Matrices for items that are added via integrated product research. Matrices could previously be created only for stock products.

Catalogs Added to EssentOne

Catalogs can now be defined in EssentOne. Products and services previously could be defined only in Compass.


Future Inventory

The Essent Business Management System Inventory Module now shows future inventory. The extended product detail view now shows inventory that has been ordered but has not yet been checked in, so users can see which inventory is on its way.


EssentOne Improvements

The EssentOne business management system underwent a number user-friendliness improvements based on user feedback. In Contacts, the system will now provide an alert to users creating a duplicate contact. EssentOne now better supports service-only orders by blocking shipment creation on orders with services but no items. A Posting Accounts widget was added to the Control Panel.


Additional User IDs

PunchOutNow supports additional forms of user identification. For eprocurement integration with buyers’ SAP OCI eprocurement systems, users can now be identified by username in addition to email address. PunchOutNow integration with other eprocurement systems including Ariba, Coupa, Oracle remains unchanged.


PCI Compliance

All encryption algorithms in Essent technology solutions have been updated to continue to meet Payment Card Industry Date Security Standards (PCI DSS).

Software Enhancements

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