Essent® Software Enhancements for 2017-Q4

The following features and functionality will be released in Quarter 4 of 2017.

Product Information Management

Complete configuration can now be performed in EssentOne™ for products, services, and charges, including the application of product matrices. The EssentOne business management system has added the Product Information Manager (PIM) engine from the Compass business management system. The product configuration capabilities are ideal for custom products, and the product matrices organize variations of items in a logical way that make the variations easier to manage for both sellers and buyers.

Receive Against Purchase Order

EssentOne now supports receiving against purchase orders. EssentOne can fully handle orders in which a seller physically receives merchandise from a vendor. For example, if a seller is receiving merchandise that it will decorate before sending to the end customer, this order type is now supported in EssentOne. Receiving against purchase orders previously was available only in Compass.

Guided Tours

Guided Tours help new EssentOne users discover all of the power of the system. The digital overlays walk users through common activities whether it’s in CRM, Order Management, Fulfillment, Accounting, or elsewhere. The simple step-by-step instructions make it easy to learn how to use EssentOne, whether you’re migrating from Compass or totally new to the Essent BMS.


EssentOne now supports multi-language functionality for users, documents, and websites. User interfaces allow different employees to work in EssentOne with the language of their preference. Documents and Web Sites can be presented to customers in their native languages. An employee can work in EssentOne in English, while their customer receives an Invoice in French. Sales orders, quotes, payment receipts, statements, invoices, purchase orders, past-due notices, delivery confirmation, and packing lists are supported in this way. (Note: Multi-Language supports Windows-1252 Language Codepage allowing for Extended ASCII Latin character sets to be represented. Generally speaking, Latin character sets are supported and non-Latin character sets are not.)

Online Invoice Payment

A customer self-service improvement in SiteBuilder™ allows customers to view and pay invoices online.

Software Enhancements

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