Essent Party at AT&T Stadium Provided Once-In-A-Lifetime Experiences

A New England clam bake, a trip to Alcatraz, a concert in the Music City — the main attractions for the Essent party at the PPAI North American Leadership and Technology Summit have been major draws over the years.

But 2019 may be hard to top. The Essent party provided once-in-a-lifetime experiences when it was held on the field this year at AT&T Stadium, the NFL stadium in Arlington, Texas.

Attendees from the NALC and Tech Summit exited the tunnel onto the field to a drumline as they appeared on one of the world's largest video screens; participated in pass, kick, and catch games; enjoyed food and drink in a top-of-the-line suite overlooking the field; toured the stadium and locker rooms; and stood on the very same turf that NFL stars compete on every fall.










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