What Electronic Documents Can Be Integrated as Part of an Integration Initiative?

The documents and information that can be shared via the Essent® OrderTrax® Network are the documents and information that are most frequently needed to move transactions forward. They are the documents and information that trading partners spend the most time communicating manually by phone, email, and other manual methods, including: Pricing Lists, Inventory Availability, Product Catalogs, Product Configuration, Purchase Orders, Design/Artwork Transmittal/Approval, Order Status, Advance Shipment Notice, and Invoices. Integration opportunities exist in every portion of the transaction lifecycle.

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What Information Can I Integrate?

  • Inventory Availability
  • Customer Price List
  • Order Status
  • Advance Ship Notice
  • Media
  • Product Data
  • Purchase Orders
  • Product Configuration
  • Invoices
  • More

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