The OrderTrax Network is your easy to use conduit to advanced communications. If you want to electronically communicate information to your valuable trading partners like Purchase Orders, Order Status, Advance Ship notices and Invoices, call Essent and join to the OrderTrax Network today! Start using OrderTrax and you will be able to request order status for all your orders with a click of a mouse. You will be astonished by the simple, easy-to-use web-based interface that puts you any your Suppliers on the same page in real time. e•PSA (ePromo Standards Alliance) standard documents are the foundation of the trading network.

Today’s distributors and suppliers are all about communicating electronically and efficiently. Improved efficiency means more orders can be processed faster and with fewer mistakes. That means a better bottom line and a happier staff. OrderTrax communicates automatically with your valuable trading partners electronically that removes the tedious old school order tracking.

Connect with thousands of customers and suppliers, inside or outside the industry, no matter what system you use, no matter where you are in the supply chain. Do it once and connect over-and-over without additional work. Essent makes it easy.

  • One Click Order Status - OrderTrax gives you the ability to quickly request order status update information from all of your Suppliers.

  • Standardized Purchase Orders - OrderTrax will deliver standardized purchase orders to your Suppliers, large, small and in-between.

  • Artwork Management - In addition to order status updates, OrderTrax is your network for transferring artwork. There is no size limit to the art files you send. And, they are stored on-line with your orders for five years!

  • Complete Shipping Information - You’ll be able to see your order’s shipping status and shipping tracking ID, letting you know when you’ll receive your customer’s order.

Implement OrderTrax and give yourself the ability to reach and connect to all of your trading partners. You just need a UPIC ID (UPIC is free) and an email address. Any Firm can participate because OrderTrax is designed to meet the needs and budgets of every company.

Integrate OrderTrax with your ERP System and harness the full power of the OrderTrax network. Essent can integrate Purchase Orders, Order Status, Advance Ship Notices and Invoices with your Order Entry System. (An Integration Analysis is necessary to define the integration requirements and integration points (e.g. Product Export, PO Import, Order Status export)

Integration optimizes business communications by minimizing processing time, costs, and errors. Order response time, both from the initial order receipt to status updates is near real-time, eliminating manual communications and maximizing customer satisfaction.

Integration services are available directly from Essent. Contact Essent today to find out how easy it is to get integrated!