What is OrderTrax?

OrderTrax is a Global Trading Network empowering both suppliers and distributors by efficiently trading order information electronically. With over 12 million transactions annually and 3.5 Billion dollars in Distributor purchase orders; OrderTrax is proven and the most efficient, cost effective way to trade electronically.

What type of documents and information is traded with OrderTrax?

OrderTrax Users
IT Professionals
Distributors can send Purchase Orders electronically to Suppliers directly from their business management system. This significantly reduces human errors caused by reentering Purchase Orders. Send Purchase Order Request (Known as 3A4 Purchase Order Request)
Suppliers can receive Purchase Order requests electronically from distributors directly from their business management system. These documents can be automatically imported into your business management system, significantly reducing human errors caused by reentering Purchase Orders. Receive Purchase Order Request (Known as 3A4 Purchase Order Request)

OrderTrax will allow you to received standardized purchase orders from your customers.
Suppliers send Purchase Order Confirmations to automatically acknowledge receipt of every Purchase Order from every Distributor processed through OrderTrax, eliminating the timely phone calls and emails for Distributor and Suppliers. Send Purchase Order Confirmation (Known as 3A4 Purchase Order Confirmation)

Automatically acknowledges receipt of every purchase order from every Distributor processed through OrderTrax
Suppliers send Order Status updates daily or when the state of the order changes on their side. This eliminates the phone calls and emails from Distributor about their orders.
Send Order Status (Known as 3A6 Purchase Order Status Notification)

One Click Order Status - OrderTrax gives you the ability to quickly send order status information for all your orders.
Suppliers send Advance Ship Notice with complete shipping information.

Distributors can see the order’s shipping status, shipment tracking ID, letting them know when they’ll receive the order. Both Suppliers and Distributor will be on the same page for every order.
Send Advance Ship Notice (Known as 3B2 Advance Shipment Notification)

Complete Shipping Information - You’ll be able to see your order’s shipping status and shipment tracking ID, letting you know when you’ll receive your customer’s order.
OrderTrax is your network for transferring artwork. There is no size limit to the art files you send. And, they are stored on-line with your orders. Send all common types of artwork files electronically and keep the information with the order for review.
Suppliers send Invoices automatically, electronically to your distributors for super-fast and efficient order payments. Send Invoice (Known as 3C3 Invoice Notification) Automatically send an Invoice electronically to your customer.

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