OrderTrax integrates with QuickBooks®

QuickBooksPPAI statistics state that over 60% of the industry relies on QuickBooks® to run their business. The OrderTrax® QuickBooks Plug-in makes OrderTrax fully compatible with your QuickBooks system, allowing you to get the full benefits of OrderTrax as soon as possible.

OrderTrax works alongside of your QuickBooks application and is ready once you have created your purchase orders. The OrderTrax QuickBooks Plug-In automatically searches for your purchase orders and displays them in an easy to view menu. You choose which ones you want to send to your Suppliers. The plug-in sends the PO to the OrderTrax network, translates it and delivers the purchase order to that Supplier in a standardized format. It’s that easy. After sending your purchase orders, you will be able to track them and communicate with all your Suppliers on the OrderTrax page.

To begin using OrderTrax you must first get at least one seat on the OrderTrax network. Using the link on this page, you’ll go to the Request More information page. Enter your information and you’ll be contacted by phone to get you set up. It takes no time at all and soon you’ll see how easy it is to track your orders and communicate with your Suppliers without the headaches and hassles of missed phone calls, lost emails or faxes.