SSL 3.0 Disabled for Essent Products and Services

Attention Essent users – As previously announced, Secure Sockets Layer version 3.0 (SSL 3.0) is disabled for Essent software products and services as of Monday, Nov. 24, 2014. This is because the critical, universal Internet vulnerability known as POODLE (Padding Oracle on Downgraded Legacy Encryption) targeted SSL 3.0.

What does this mean to you?

Until Nov. 24, 2014, Essent offered SSL 3.0 to provide encrypted communications for Windows XP users who utilized outdated web browsers that are limited to SSL 3.0 encryption; Essent offered SSL 3.0 encryption for users whose browsers could not support newer encryption methods. Such outdated browsers include Internet Explorer 6.0 and earlier versions.

The following Essent products and services were impacted by POODLE: SiteBuilder, PunchoutNow, Direct2Decoration, OrderTrax and the Essent Commerce Cloud. As of Nov. 24, these products and services will not send or receive encrypted information using SSL 3.0.

Anyone who uses SiteBuilder, PunchoutNow, Direct2Decoration, OrderTrax or the Essent Commerce Cloud with Windows XP and/or an outdated browser (such as Internet Explorer 6.0 and earlier) is affected by Nov. 24’s disabling of SSL 3.0. These products and services may not be fully functional when used on Windows XP and/or outdated browsers.

Unaffected Essent products and services include Essent Compass and Essent security products like the Netset Network Security Appliance.

Corrective Action

Users should immediately discontinue use of Windows XP and outdated browsers including Internet Explorer 6.0 and earlier versions. It is recommended that Essent users utilize supported browsers listed at

No matter the browser version, users are directed to disable SSL 3.0 within all browsers they have installed. Users can test system configuration and obtain instructions to disable SSL 3.0 for popular browsers at

It is recommended that subscribers notify their customers that directly utilize Essent systems of this notice and Corrective Action.


For more information on currently supported browsers, please see:

For more information on Microsoft Windows XP Support, please see:

If you have further questions, contact your Essent representative by calling 800-559-9959 or by email.

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