Shipping Integration Provides the Complete Picture on Price, Logistics

Warehouse Management System ShippingIn addition to automatically generating workflows for the most efficient picking and packing, Warehouse Management software help businesses perform shipping as efficiently as possible.

The Warehouse Management software provides businesses a more accurate view of shipping costs via a shipping estimator. The software holds information on weight, dimensions, number of parcels. It also knows shipping rates, often based on integration with popular carriers such as FedEx®, UPS®, and the USPS®. This allows it to calculate the actual cost to ship an order.

An integrated Warehouse Management software tracks and communicates costs and logistics for the complete picture of shipping.

Now the business can charge the right amount for shipping rather than relying on manual estimates or one-size-fits-all rates. Undercharging results in decreased profitability for the order. Overcharging risks customer dissatisfaction or sticker shock that halts an order before it even gets started. Warehouse Management software with a shipping estimator avoids both problems.

Once the order is ready to ship, integration between the software and carriers can automatically communicate order information including customer name and address from the business to the carrier. The integration also allows the carrier to automatically communicate information including actual weights, shipping charges, and tracking numbers back to the business.

Once the item has shipped, Warehouse Management software can automatically generate and transmit shipping documents such as advanced ship notices, which alert customers that an order has shipped and include estimated arrival date and other shipping and order details.

Further integration with Warehouse fulfillment software or ERP automatically relates the shipment to orders, inventory items, and customer returns. Integration with accounting results in automatic invoicing upon shipment, and can even put a fulfillment or shipping hold on orders due to customer credit issues.

An integrated Warehouse Management software keeps, knows and communicates costs and logistics for the complete picture of shipping.

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